Sauté, like much in the cooking, came up withFrench people. But this, contrary to popular belief, is not a dish, but a cooking technique. Translated from French, the word "saute" means jump, leap. That is, the ingredients of the dish in the frying pan are thrown, and not turned over by the spatula. The technology of master tossing ensures the integrity of the tender pulp of vegetables and the preservation of juice inside them. Today we will learn how to cook satte from eggplant. But, in principle, you can make and similar dishes from Bulgarian pepper, tomatoes and other juicy vegetables.

Sate from eggplant

We will need a special frying pan with highside and long handle. But if you have not yet got your hand in the master's throwing vegetables, take a stewpan or cast-iron kazanok. For frying the ingredients, a conventional frying pan is suitable. Sate from eggplant, In addition to the main component, it includes othervegetables: tomatoes, garlic, carrots, onions, bell peppers. As fat used vegetable oil. Eggplants do not need to be cleaned: just wash them, cut them into thick washers and salt. Yes, they need to be left for half an hour, so that they give all the bitterness.

The recipe for satay from eggplant
The recipe for sateta from eggplant "Favorite blue"

While four medium-sized fruit is allowed to juice under the salt, we will deal with other vegetables. Two carrots can be rubbed with large shavings or crushed with straw. Two Bulgarian peppers and one onion chop half rings, four slices of tomato slices. In the frying pan pour the vegetable oil and fry in the beginning onions, followed by pepper and carrots, and at the end add tomatoes. Those, of course, let the juice. We salt vegetable mass and stew until it becomes soft. We transfer it to a bowl, and put the eggplants washed under running water (to remove excess salt) in the pan. Fry these washers from two sides to a golden crust.

It was all preparatory work. Now it's time to cook the sate from eggplants. In the saucepan pour oil, we put in it blue, from above we cover with vegetable weight. Sprinkle finely chopped dill and parsley and 4 garlic slices passed through the press. Solim, add spices to taste. Close the lid and simmer on minimum heat for ten minutes.

How to cook sateta from eggplant
Sate from eggplant "Aromatnoe"

In this recipe the same products are used, but inother proportions. Sinenkih, tomato, bell pepper and bulbs should be an equal amount. And you need one carrot and a whole garlic head. Separately, the onions are fried and laid out in a saucepan. Then the same thing should be done with carrots. Each layer of vegetables is salted. On top of the carrots, chopped peppers and shredded garlic with longitudinal plates are placed. The next layer is dill greens and fried eggplants. From above tomatoes and greens are placed. The dish is stewed under the lid without stirring for about 45-50 minutes.

Sate from eggplants "Fast and tasty"

This is a very simple recipe, according to which vegetables are notIt is necessary to fry - they must be immediately put in a saucepan, moist. Naturally, the exception is the blue ones themselves, which need to be salted and soaked for half an hour. Then they are washed and cut into cubes. In the saucepan pour oil and lay layers of onions, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes. Sprinkle a spoonful of sugar, season with salt, pepper, garlic and greens. Pour some more oil and simmer under the lid for about 40 minutes.

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