Fish is a high-calorie product,containing protein easily digested by the body. However, prolonged storage of protein compounds provokes its damage, and to prevent it, it is salted. In this case, the product of high quality is obtained from salmonids.

Methods of salting red fish are quite diverse today, in this article we will get acquainted with some of them.

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention toquality and freshness of the product. Of course, in some recipes, for example, Japanese cuisine, you can find dishes from raw fish. Nevertheless, it must necessarily pass a test for the presence of parasites in it.

Consider the recipe for pickling red fish.

1. Fresh fish should be cut into two parts along the ridge and cleaned of bones, skin need not be removed. Then marinade is prepared. For this, for each kilogram of fish product, take two tablespoons of salt and a spoonful of sugar. The mixture thus prepared is rubbed each part, wrapped with a food film (all the air must be squeezed out) and placed in a refrigerator for three days. After some time, it is necessary to turn the fish over to the other side, so that the formed juice is evenly distributed throughout the surface. Store the finished product in the freezer for a fairly long period of time, and before using it rinse.

2. The classic recipe for salting red fish.

To cook this dish, you need two kilograms of fish fillets, sugar, salt, vodka and dill.

Fillet must be laid on the board, cut off the peritoneum from it, remove the fat and the remaining bones.

Inside the fillets sprinkle with a spoon of salt,half a spoonful of sugar, covered with dill sprigs and sprinkled with fifty grams of vodka. Prepared in this way, the product should be allowed to brew for half a day in a cool place.

3. Recipe for salting red caviar.

Ingredients: one kilogram of caviar, ninety grams of salt and one gram of potassium nitrate.

Fresh caviar must be freed from the films andmix with salt and saltpetre (the latter is used exclusively for preserving red color). The salted fish product is placed in a cold place for three months, after which it will be ready for consumption.

4. Recipe for salting red fish (quick cooking).

Ingredients: one kilogram of fish, three tablespoons of salt, seven peas of black pepper, two bay leaves, one spoonful of vinegar, fifty grams of vegetable oil, one onion.

Fish are cut off the head, fins, and cut intotwo parts along the ridge, after which all the bones are removed. With the resulting fillet cut the skin, cut it into small pieces and put into a bowl. To prepare the pickle, take half a liter of cold water, add salt, mix well, pour in fish and put under the press for two hours. At the end of this time, the brine is drained and the fish is poured for five hours with a new dressing, prepared from a glass of water and vinegar. The marinade is drained again, the onion, oil, pepper and bay leaves are added to the dish and left for half an hour to marinate.

Thus, the recipe for pickling red fishis simple enough and does not take a lot of time and effort. The finished product can be consumed both independently and used for preparing various dishes and snacks.

It should be remembered that regularthe use of fish in any form prevents the development of many serious diseases, including cancerous tumors, contributes to the regulation of the nervous system, the formation and development of the musculoskeletal system, the regulation of metabolic processes in the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the diet not only meat, but also fish dishes.

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