On the shelves of our stores, it is more commonunder the name "shrimp", and in the countries of Latin America, in New Zealand and Australia it is called Kongrio fish. Shrimp or Kongrio - fish, which belongs to the species of the sea eel and is a close relative of the moray eel. The most valuable commercial species include red, black and golden kongrio. This fish is called shrimp because it eats sea shellfish, and its light gently pink-gray patchy skin resembles the color of royal prawns.

Kongrino - the fish is delicious. Its dense snow-white and very tender meat does not have a specific fishy smell, and the long elongated body, reaching a length of 90 centimeters, is devoid of small, uncomfortable bones, except for the spine, which is easily released.

Congruous shrimp fish is universal incooking. It produces a variety of dishes, delicious and nutritious - from fish soup, which is traditionally cooked in Chile and Argentina, to exquisite delicacies for gourmets, where it is baked in combination with vegetables, white wine and grapes.

Fish soup

Cleaned and well washed fish carcasscut into small portions and fry, pre-lightly flipping in flour. In a saucepan with a thick bottom in butter, fry the chopped garlic (about four medium-sized slices). Add to taste a bay leaf, peas of pepper, a small spoonful of hot pepper and one spoonful of red. The mixture is stirred quickly to prevent burnt, spread out pieces of fish, give it soaked with the smells of garlic and pepper and dilute with hot fish broth, which is pre-brewed from the fins, tail and head. After a few minutes, hard-boiled eggs and already boiled potatoes are put in the soup. They let her paw for a few minutes on a small fire, so that the tastes and smells mix, and the fish is fully prepared, and removed from the fire.

Fish soup in another way

There is another way of cookingLatin American soup from Kongrio. The fish is washed and cleaned, cut into pieces. Broth from the head, tail and fins. In the cooking process, add carrots, onions, grated garlic and spices. Purified fish pieces should be marinated in lemon juice mixed with salt and pepper. In a saucepan with a thick bottom in vegetable or cream butter fry onions, carrots, the last put pieces of tomato without the skin. Then put the red sweet pepper and potatoes. Fill vegetables with fish broth, salt and pepper to taste. After boiling, white dry wine is poured into the broth. After re-boiling, put pieces of raw fish and cook on low heat until ready for vegetables and fish. For exotics and refinement, five minutes before the readiness to cook soup put peeled shrimp. In a dish spilled on plates, add chopped greens and a spoonful of fatty cream.

In addition to the traditional soup, there are other recipes. The fish of the kongrio, for example, is perfectly produced by baking in an oven with vegetables or grapes of acidic varieties.

Baked fish

Well washed and peeled from skin and bonescut into portions and marinated in grape vinegar a few minutes. After that, fish pieces are mixed with salt and pepper and add various spices to taste. In the oily form lay out pieces of fish, cover with tomato slices, sprinkle with berries of white sour grapes and put in the oven for twenty or thirty minutes until the fish is ready.

Fried kongrio. Fish with shrimp sauce

The pieces of Kongrio fish are sprinkled with lemon juice,mix with salt, pepper, make a shell of flour or ground nuts and fry. Separately, prepare the sauce, for which a glass of cream of medium fat is heated on a plate, hot hot cream is placed in hot cream. When the cheese dissolves, put the peeled prawns into the sauce and boil for 5 minutes. Place the fish on a plate, top with sauce, and sprinkle with parsley and dill.

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