August 22 the sign of the zodiac

Each person by its nature is individual. However, all people want to better understand themselves. You can use for this purpose many different ways, one of which is to learn your own characteristic by the sign of the Zodiac. This article will be interesting to those who were born on August 22, the sign of the zodiac whose - the Lion.

About dates

Before deciding who is a person bysign of the zodiac, you need to understand that everything determines the date of birth. So, for the Lions still belong those who were born on August 22, this sign of the Zodiac, it is worth recalling, on this date and ends. Then follows the Virgin, who in a completely different way will characterize a person.

general characteristics

What are the people who are born 22August, the sign of the Zodiac whose - the Lion? So, most importantly, what can be said about such persons - they are often leaders by their nature. The lion is the power of the body and spirit, power, power. In Leo, the royal majesty and passionate ardor, calmness and emotionality are perfectly combined.

About the character

August 22 zodiac sign Leo

What will be the character of those who are born 22August? The sign of the Zodiac suggests that these people are primarily very ambitious by their nature. They strive to be the best even in their environment, constantly hitting relatives and friends with new skills, skills or achievements. It should be noted that the Lions feel always a central figure, so sometimes they behave too arrogantly. It is worth saying that the disease and weak point of all Lions is vanity, thanks to this line they can even lose much and find themselves on the very bottom of social life. Strong sides can be called openness and confidence in their abilities. In order to achieve the desired result, Leo will do everything, however he can even cheat, lie and dodge. It is also important to say that Lviv often does not have a sense of proportion, they often cross the line both for the worse and for the better. It is also important to note that Lions are by nature very generous and can give even the last shirt to a stranger.

born August 22 the sign of the zodiac

About career

Born August 22, the sign of the Zodiac whose - Leo,will necessarily try to reach heights in their work activities. To tell the truth, excellent managers and directors and very bad subordinates, and the more so assistants, are obtained from Lviv. People of this sign are called to lead others. And if they fail, they will try to lead an active social life, show initiative, work overtime - do everything to be noticed, praised, and later, maybe even raised. However, in the nature of Leo also help others and often this is the main criterion for choosing a future profession. From such people excellent doctors, social workers and even tutors come out. On the strength of Leo also open his own business. It is worth saying that representatives of this sign of the Zodiac have creative abilities. The lion risks to succeed in everything, for which he will take seriously. The most successful areas for the representatives of this zodiac sign are: show business, politics, charity.


August 22 zodiac sign of compatibility

Lions are good friends. They will never betray a comrade, they will not leave him in trouble and will not abandon him to the mercy of fate. With the Lions, fun and interesting, they are like lighters - they always try to amaze and encourage their loved ones. However, if a representative of this sign of the Zodiac is betrayed, he will never forget it and will not forgive. Although there will be no revenge, it is not the tsar's business. Enemies of the Lion are afraid, because they know that he can erase them in powder, using a variety of ways and means. As for love, then the Lion will be faithful to his half. Such people know how to love, but they demand the same attitude to themselves. Well, Leo will be with the person who will adore him, praise him, praise him. Lions born on August 22 (Zodiac sign): compatibility with which signs for them will be the best option? So, to start serious relations with representatives of this group is good with Sagittarius, Gemini and Libra. Less successful will be an alliance with Taurus and Aquarius.

Leo Male

What are men born to 22August, the sign of the Zodiac - the Lion? These are excellent artists who are looking for a good viewer for a relationship. If a woman agrees to such a role, you can live with a man-Lion for a long time in peace and harmony. However, it is worth remembering that the men who represent this sign of the zodiac are jealous and terrible owners. However, they will always radiate warmth and positive, which will please every woman who will be around. Lion-dad will adore his children, please them and indulge.

August 22 is a sign of the zodiac

Lion Woman

Representatives of this sign of the Zodiac preciselywill know their worth. So, men for the Lioness woman will have to fight. And even conquered, it will attract the gaze of the surrounding guys, which will provoke the continuation of the war for her royal majesty. In the family, the Lioness woman often becomes a submissive husband, but if he is often praised and extolled. This is a good mom who will try to give all the best to children, however Lioness will never forget about herself, even being the mother of five kids.


Having understood, on August, 22nd - what sign of the Zodiac(Leo), it is worth saying a few words about the health of such people. They will never complain about their condition, even if they have something really bad. Leo never acknowledges that he is weak or vulnerable. All diseases such people endure easily and quickly, often having simply excellent health.

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