The famous street in the capital - Bolshaya Ordynka - onright is called the place of golden domes. Among the faithful, the Church of the Joy of All Who Sorrow is especially revered. This namolennoe place was first mentioned in the annalistic sources of 1571. At that time the temple was known under a different name, like the church of Varlaam Khutynsky. According to the assumptions of historians, it was built in 1523 during the time of Metropolitan Varlaam, in the name of his heavenly intercessor and patron. In 1625, the clergy held the consecration of the throne in the name of the Transfiguration of the Lord. Now it is the main throne of the Sorrowful Church.

a temple on the horde of all those who mourn joy

The temple on Ordynka "Joy of All Who Sorrow" in1683/85 years was built in stone. A few years later, a miracle happened in its walls: one of the parishioners received complete healing from the image of the Mother of God. As the legends say, the sister of the patriarch Joachim suffered severe suffering from a painful wound in the side. She cried out in prayer for help. One day, Euphemia heard a mysterious voice indicating that she should serve a water-service prayer service at the icon of the Queen of Heaven in the Transfiguration Church. The woman realized that she had heard the call of the All-Commiser herself. She fulfilled all the instructions and was healed. Since then, the icon is famous for its miraculous, and to this day the image is venerated by all the Orthodox believers of the country.

The temple on Ordynka "Joy of All Who Sorrow" in 1922year during the seizure of church values ​​was ruined. All ornaments and utensils were expropriated (more than 65 kg of silver and gold). In 1933 it was closed, the Bolsheviks removed the bells, but the interior decoration remained virtually untouched.

During the Great Patriotic War, the temple on Ordynka "Joy of All Who Sorrow" was the storehouse of the Tretyakov Gallery. In 1948, it was reopened for worship.


The Church of "All Sorrowful Joy" presentsspecial interest due to its architectural solutions. Its bell tower has a rare shape. The building is built in the form of a cylindrical rotunda, with semi-circular arc-shaped windows and two-columned ionic porticos. Inside there are 12 columns, serving as a support for a small drum with a dome in the form of a hemisphere and a spherical head. A characteristic feature of interior decoration is the placement of candlesticks. They are at the top, ministers climb the portable wooden staircase to put a candle.

all those who mourn the joy of prayer


The icon of "Joy of All Who Sorrow" is an amazingphenomenon in the history of iconography. There are many documentary evidence of the miraculous acts of this image. The list of such documents is perhaps the longest in the history of Orthodoxy.

Icons and lists of "Joy of All Who Sorrow": Importance in the Orthodox Faith

"Joy of all who mourn" is the first line of one of themsticherum. Even the name of this image served to the fact that it began to differ in such a prevalence in our country. In addition to the first icon, located in the Moscow church, there are about two dozen local and miraculous lists.

The soul of a Russian person is very close and understandablehidden in the name of the icon meaning. In the images of "Joy of All Who Sorrow", meaning is revealed in this way: this is the reckless hope of the believer for the Most Holy Theotokos, hastening everywhere to ease grief, to console, to save people from sorrow and suffering, to give sick people healing and naked apparel ...

church of all who mourn joy


The icon depicts the Virgin in full growth, withan infant on his arm or without it. The radiance of the mandarin is surrounded by a radiance. This is a halo of a special oval shape, elongated in a vertical direction. The Virgin is surrounded by angels, the Trinity of the New Testament and the Lord of hosts are depicted in the clouds.

This principle of iconography developed inthe seventeenth century under the influence of Western European traditions. Iconography of the image could not get a single completed composition and is represented in churches in a variety of options. The most famous are two types of icon painting - with the baby on his hands, as in the temple on Ordynka, and without it.

The peculiarity of the icon is that, together with the Mother of God, it depicts people tormented by afflictions and ills, and angels who perform good deeds in the name of the All-Savior.

Icon of "Joy of All Who Sorrow" with pennies

The image became famous in St. Petersburg in 1888, whenThe lightning struck the chapel where she was stationed. The icon remained intact, only copper copecks (pennies) were sticking to it. Subsequently, a temple was built on this site. The famous icon of "Joy of All Who Sorrow" with pennies is in it to this day.

Icon of all the sorrow of joy

How to pray to the Queen of Heaven

To the miraculous icon of "Joy of All Who Sorrow"prayer should be exalted with a pure heart and thoughts. All the needy, sick people, mothers expecting the children from the war, whole families to ask for help can ask for help.

Prayer to the Blessed Virgin

"The Queen of Prema, My Hope, Theotokos,The patron saint and the patron saint! Mourning Joy, offended by the Writer! Behold my misfortune, see my sorrow: help me the weak servant of God (name). Resolve my permission at will. I hope for your help. Only you, Our Lady, ask for help! Amen".

Priests advise how you can often refer to the image of "Joy of All Who Sorrow", prayer can be pronounced in your own words, the main thing - the sincerity and true faith of the parishioner.

Lists from the icon of the Queen of Heaven

When in 1711 King Peter the Great, together withApproximately moved to St. Petersburg, his sister put in the new palace church list with the icon of the Assumption. Later in the name of the Theotokos in the Northern capital was rebuilt the whole temple, which was during the reign of Elizabeth the First.

all those who mourn joy

How and when to visit the temple

The church is located in Moscow, B. Street. Ordynka, house 20. You can reach the place by metro, to the stations "Tretyakovskaya", "Novokuznetskaya". The temple on Ordynka "Joy of All Who Sorrow" is available daily, from 7.30 to 20.00.

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One of the oldest and most famous temples of the capital is always ready to receive parishioners. Access to the miraculous icon is always open, but it may be necessary to defend a small queue.

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