Dreaming is a special world surroundinghumanity for many years. But the main images of dreams are drawn from the objects around us, so the interpretation is strikingly different from those given, say, a hundred years ago. But there are dreams that are filled not with objects, but with flowers. Such dreams are very memorable, it is interesting to know the meaning of such an extraordinary dream, for such cases we refer to the dream book. Blue color - what does it mean?

dream color blue color

Dream Groups

We must always remember that in the world of dreams is comingcontinuous dialogue of the human soul with its past, present and future. The dreams of the future are what most interest us. They can be divided, in turn, into those that come true in the first three days and those that come true within two weeks, or long-term dreams.

Morning dreams are often called empty, in themthere can be any small thing and any trifle of tomorrow, it's senseless to guess them. Midnight dreams, especially those that are shot from two to four o'clock in the morning, especially carry valuable information. But do not overload yourself physically and morally, and it is not recommended to take sleeping pills for the night. Also it is not allowed to abuse alcohol, otherwise dreams will flow in a stream in which no interpreter of dreams can understand.

dreamy flowers of blue color

Details of your dreams

So, you remember the dream in which you sawBlue colour. We are looking for an interpretation of such a dream in a dream book: blue in a dream, what does it mean ... Before turning to the interpretation of the dream itself, it is necessary to remember what emotions you experienced. It is well known that each spectrum refers to a certain element, sphere of activity, even belonging to one or another organ of the human body. The blue color is magical, but it evokes ambivalent feelings: on the one hand, it is a kind of sadness, and on the other hand it is pacification and calmness.

dreamy blue color in a dream

Value of blue color

If we start from the dream book: the whole dream was colored blue, it means that you do not experience bright emotions, blue color is considered a female color, therefore, you need to pay attention to the development of your femininity. In life you are missing something, you need peace, less bright emotions, anger, anger. That is, the principle of mirror reflection often works in dreams, knowing how to correctly understand it, you can solve some issues in life.

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Blue flower

For example, if in a dream you see yourself in aclothes of blue color. This indicates that in life you are full of aggression, often think negatively, perceive everything around you hostile. A dream in blue can show you that you need to calm down, resolve issues wisely, with reasonableness and gentleness. For example, the blue dream color flowers treats as follows: in addition to the color of the flower itself, you need to determine which flower you saw in the dream. If, for example, they were blue violets, then very soon you will meet your love. In the event that they were cornflowers, then you will have a spiritual rebirth. In turn, irises mean that such a dream indicates to you an increased carelessness, and you prefer a comfortable and frivolous life. But the blue buttercups you saw in a dream can warn you against treachery and deceit. It is also very important to remember what actions in a dream occurred to you. Whether you tore flowers, dropped, gave, put in a vase. Each action changes the interpretation of the dream itself. So, for example, drop a flower - to a quarrel, if you managed to quickly raise it - then quarrels can be avoided. Breaking dry flowers - to the loss, tearing off the petals - to make oneself miserable. Sometimes in a dream book, a bright blue color can mean some intrigues happening around you. It is important to consider and remember all the details of the dream. If the blue flower you dreamed was beautiful, blooming, you sniffed it, tore it in such a blooming kind, then this always promises well-being, happiness and peace, it can also mean the appearance in your life of a new love, in any of these cases everything will be fine . The meaning of such images is unchanged and will remain so for many hundreds of years.

Dream Interview by Denise Lynn

If the blue flower was wilted, dry and broken, then be careful, you may be in trouble, quarrels, even illnesses of people close to you.

To date, there are many dream books. Why blue dreams, each of which treats differently, but the semantic values ​​are close to each other. so that uncertainty in this case, as a rule, does not arise.

For example, Miller's dream book, whichthe present day is one of the most popular and popular, believes that the blue color, and not only it, but also any other color has no special meaning. But in the dream book Denise Lynn, who is by now one of the most famous psychotherapists and researchers, coaches for self-development, the blue color for a dream only promises: love, faith, understanding, forgiveness, tolerance, sensuality, wisdom, nobility. In any of these cases, one should not forget how important the detail of the dream is, also the actions performed during this process are important. All this in the aggregate should be formed into one general picture, which will become clear to you as a whole. Also, according to the treatment in the dream book Denise Lynn, in your life there are such things as self-isolation, depression, passivity, self-rejection, at the same time getting rid of self-pity.

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In any case, the work done to collectinformation in dream books became the result of painstaking and long-term research of authors. Just imagine: hundreds of people interviewed, thousands of dreams that you had to study, and not just learn, but be able to connect with everyday collisions. Do not forget how important the details, clarifications, even the times in which you live. Such knowledge will help to avoid the many disappointments that our contemporary may face, seeking help from previously published dream books. But in this case it is a dream, in which the dreamer saw a blue flower. Such images are durable, inherent in the general type of human civilization and refer to the so-called collective unconscious. Such images, for better understanding, include flight, meat, flowers, wedding, bread.

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