A lot of interesting things can be told about thisa man like Scorpio is a man. The dragon is the patron of the eastern horoscope. And if it was in his year was born such a guy, then you can, without even going into the specifics of his character, state with certainty: he is an interesting person. And it's complicated and multifaceted. Many of the qualities that this man is endowed with are of tremendous power, since they are inherent not only in the zodiac, but also in the eastern patron. However, all this is worth telling in order.

scorpion male dragon


The first thing is to say a few words aboutzodiacal influence on the personality of this person. And in this case it is carried out by Scorpio. A Dragon Man, born under the auspices of this sign, is guided solely by his judgments and laws. The opinion of outsiders does not interest him. Absolutely no one can influence this man. After all, the most valuable thing for him is independence. The impeccable reputation and stability of the personal position of this person are inviolable and holy.

Not surprisingly, its key qualityis a free spirit and will power. Still such men are brave, purposeful, perceptive, straightforward, honest and interesting. With them you do not get bored. That's just not everyone will admit Scorpio. The Dragon Man, born under the auspices of this zodiac, surrounds himself with the best people. But those with whom he is friends, in his person receive an attentive, discerning and sympathetic friend. This is a multifaceted personality.

 scorpion dragon man

What will the eastern horoscope tell?

So, it is approximately clear what kind of person is a Scorpio man. The dragon gives this personality similar qualities.

He is charismatic, attractive and evenextravagant. This man always attracts attention. But often he is an arrogant egoist, because this man knows about his attractiveness and that many people consider him perfect.

He does not know how to lose. But he has the ability to set unrealistic prices before himself and successfully achieve them. Still these people are honest, decent and fair. And to the people they make high demands, they are very ordinary for themselves, because they correspond to them in full.

scorpion dragon man

general characteristics

Scorpion-Dragon - a man bright, noticeable andtemperamental. Many qualities in it have a dual power, because they are inherent in both the Dragon and Scorpio. This could already be noticed. What can you say about such a man as a person as a whole?

He's a pretty lucky man. Of course, in order to achieve some absolutely incredible goal, he puts a lot of effort and energy. But a great role in his life is played and luck, Fortune. The most important thing is to grab onto it, not to miss your chance. Although he does not have fear. This person can join a dubious business without even thinking about the consequences. After all, he has a wonderful intuition, which in many ways helps.

By the way, in his youth this man is restless and reckless. But then, over time, his character becomes more rigid, and he himself begins to be judicious and rational.

In society

How does the Scorpion Dragon behave among humans? The man whose characterization was presented above, best acts as the boss. The position of the leader seems to have been created for him. And this person is really good at organizing work subordination. He is too demanding and tough. He does not like the fact that some people allow themselves to show emotions at work. He believes that in the business sphere only the mind must act.

But in terms of feelings and emotions, they are prettydynamic people. They can break out in a second, fall in love, soon be disappointed and cool down as quickly as it all began. In general, in a relationship they are very passionate and passionate. And everything they say is said directly. This is their plus.

 man scorpion dragon compatibility


This is the last thing worth talking about. Who can get along with a Scorpion Dragon man? Compatibility is different with a girl born under the sign of Aries. It will be very hot, passionate and, importantly, a strong pair. Scorpio and Aries subtly feel each other. And they also think in the same direction. By nature, too, are similar - for each of them honesty, fidelity, reliability and justice are important. And this positive list ends with excellent sexual compatibility.

Especially good if a girl was born in a yearHorses. This is a very sociable nature, like the Scorpion Dragon. Because they will never be bored with each other. And the Horse is an extremely charming personality, which will not be difficult to eliminate possible difficulties even before they begin to grow to the size of the problem.

More Dragons get along well with Roosters. All because these men are constantly in motion and doing something. They lack relaxation and relaxation. A girl-Rooster will not be difficult to create comfort for him.

And Scorpio can get along well with Virgo, even if it is its opposite. He will become for her a source of vitality and inspiration. And it will be his reliable shoulder and stability.

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