People have long been afraid of black magic as a fire. In the age of high technology, everything remains as before: the primitive fear of the unknown ignites the hearts of people when they encounter the manifestation of black magic. What is corruption? Types of damage whatsoever? How to protect yourself from negative impact? The answers to the questions are given below.

Corruption of types of damage

What is spoilage?

Powerful energy impact directedthe destruction of the vital energy of the victim - this damage. An attacker can send down on it objectionable to it yourself person, or turning to the black witch.

Destructive force has damage. Types of damage are so different that you can influence the energy of a person both quickly and gradually. That is, in carrying out certain rituals, the magician (the black witch) can determine for what period of a person the vital energy must leave.

It is worth noting that this work will takenot every magician. This is due to the boomerang effect. The energy message sent to the victim will return back, increasing its power at least 2 times.

Black Witch

Who spoils the spoilage

Non-professionals usually can not create a powerfulan energy spell that really will work. For the most part, offended women, abandoned wives and girls, suffering from unrequited love, turn to the dark forces for help. Only not one of them does not think that it will return to them as a boomerang.

Black witches, sorcerers, magicians are people,who really know what corruption is. The types of damage that are available to them will never be used for good. For no destructive action, no matter how much the person wanted, does not carry in itself creative energy.

Prayer from spoilage and witchcraft

Nonprofessionals can do harm not only to themselves,trying to harm through spoilage to another person, but also to others. Since one wrong action in the rite can release a colossal force, comparable in action to a tornado. The black witch (magician), accomplishing the rite, establishes protection for himself and his client. In this way they create a kind of lightning rod, but this does not always save from the return of the negative message.

Corruption. Types of damage

In the black magic of the various options for spoiling, there are many. The most common are:

  • damage to death;
  • damage to luck;
  • damage to health;
  • pinnacle (spell);
  • a strong evil eye (damage, done both purposefully and unconsciously).

Corruption to death can be carried out in the church. To do this, the attacker orders the burial service of an objectionable person or puts a candle for the peace of the soul. In the case of the funeral, the priest requires a death certificate from the parish, but no one is protected from the candle placed for the repose.

From evil eye and spoilage

In the rituals of spoiling, the victim's personal belongings are used: photographs, ornaments, clothing. Mages can use pads that work like time bombs.

Lining consists of grave land, spoiled products, salt, feathers of birds, dead animals. Also sorcerers use needles and pins, since metal is an excellent conductor of energy.

Drying is carried out usingmenstrual blood, alcohol, gold jewelry (chains, rings and earrings), ropes, strings, photographs, things of the deceased person. It is commonly believed that a love spell or pristine is a harmless magical effect, but this is far from the case. Forcing the victim to love himself, imposing on her own thoughts and desires, a person condemns his soul to the torments of hell. Any planned negative impact is a sin. It does not matter whether it's a spell or a spell.

Symptoms of spoilage

A strong evil eye can be held absolutelyaccidentally. It is enough for a person to simply envy the success of one of his surroundings, as his acquaintance has problems with his health or in his affairs. To the evil eye, people with weak energy, pregnant women and children are considered the most susceptible. Another category of people, especially prone to damage, are atheists. Unbelief in God weakens the soul of man.

Whatever the negative impact, italways manifests as spoilage. The types of damage used against a person are so diverse that only a professional white magician or healer can determine which one was used specifically. The philistine can only notice the result of the magic intervention.

Symptoms of spoilage

By its action, spoilage is considered an energy disease. It creates a gap in the biofield of a person, allowing an attacker to gradually draw life out of him.

The Magic of Corruption

Symptoms of spoilage can be either explicit or hidden. However, the hidden ones all the same appear, only at this moment it is almost impossible to help a person.

Corruption manifests itself as:

  • sharp deterioration of health;
  • loss of funds;
  • quarrels in the family;
  • infertility;
  • succession of failures;
  • alcohol and drug dependence;
  • unexpected death;
  • suicidal tendencies.

To sound an alarm and to address to experts it is necessary, if you have found out at yourself:

  • causeless headache;
  • constant fatigue and weakness;
  • unresponsive nausea and diarrhea;
  • weakness in the arms and legs;
  • sweating;
  • unquenchable thirst;
  • empty void inside;
  • constant irritability;
  • decreased libido.

You should also check for damage if youfelt an irresistible craving for someone or anything. For example, a passionate desire to be close to an unfamiliar person is an inherent, love spell, exhausting and compelling to suffer a victim without being near the customer. Alcohol dependence is also a symptom of a love spell made on blood (menstrual blood added to an alcoholic beverage). A person is forced to consume a large amount of alcohol in order to drown out the void inside himself.

Prayer from spoilage and witchcraft

How to determine spoilage before its manifestation

Usually, damage occurs on the 21st day of itsguidance. Depending on the strength of the magician and the desire of the customer, this figure may vary. Determination of spoilage with the help of eggs, wax, precious metals, animals, church candles.

Detection of spoilage with the help of eggs

The chicken egg rolls around the body, then it is neatly broken and poured into a three-liter can filled with water. A destructive effect is present if:

  • From the protein up thin white threads stretch;
  • yolk and protein look boiled;
  • Over the egg, bubbles or black dots formed.

It is important to use a fresh egg, otherwise the result will be unpredictable. It is better to use eggs from village laying hens.

Determination of magic effects with the help of an animal

Corruption to health

Cats and cats are most sensitive to various negative effects. Because many sorcerers, sorcerers and witches keep animals at home.

To check if there is damage to you, you must either get a cat (cat), or take the animal from relatives or acquaintances for a while. The cat must live in your house for at least 5 days.

When the animal is in a staterest, you need to take it in your arms and put it on your knees. If within 10 minutes the cat continues to lie quietly and purr, then there is no negative impact. If the animal feels a magical power that destroys your aura, it will start to mewl loudly, try to escape and scratch.

Determination of spoilage with the help of church candles

Candles, charged with the energy of the church, are easydetermine any negative impact from outside. To perform the ritual, you need 3 candles and matches. Lighted candles should first be kept at eye level, the fire should be looked at for at least 5 minutes. Then the candles are alternately brought to the head, heart, groin area. If the flame began to crack violently, and black smoke began to rise up from the candle, an unpleasant smell appeared, then spoilage is present.

Detection of damage by precious metal

Silver in the presence of negative impact itselfby itself sharply darkens, since this metal is most sensitive to negativity. Gold, too, can reveal a magical intervention. To do this, you need to wash, and hold a gold ring on the cheek. If the metal left behind a dark strip, then your energy field is broken and the spoilage has already begun to act.

Strong spell damage

How to protect yourself and your loved ones

The best protection against negative impact isprayer or white magic. Corruption is practically indestructible, it requires the help of a professional white magician or communion and confession in the church.

White Witchcraft to protect against spoiling includes various rituals. The simplest thing an ordinary person can do is create his own amulet.

Prayer from spoilage and witchcraft helps not only to prevent the penetration of dark forces into the energy field, but also to recover after the removal of spoilage.


Our ancestors created their own powerful protective objects - amulets. They resisted a dangerous negative energy impact, protected a person from the evil eye, gave luck to their possessor.

To protect yourself from evil eye and spoilage, you canmake your own protective talisman. For this, precious stones and metals with positive energy are used. For example, silver, emerald, blue topaz, amethyst.

A strong protective object is a thing,made by own hands. You can buy an ordinary handkerchief and embroider it with a red thread. Patterns are chosen cross, that is, the seams when connected to each other should form a cross.

A regular red thread, tied to the left wrist or left ankle, has powerful protective properties. However, it is worth remembering that without faith in what you do, the guard will not work.


Prayer from spoiling and witchcraft is a great way to protect yourself and your family. By the Word of God, you can "charge" the amulet, for example, by reading it, braiding it from a red thread.

Being in the presence of a person causing incomprehensible excitement, you can read a prayer - so you will protect yourself from the evil eye, even if it is unintentional.

Prayer, written on a regular piece of paper, is carried with them, attaching it closer to the heart.

From evil eye and spoilage

Native cross

From the evil eye and spoilage helps the cross fromsilver. Wear it always, without removing, and this will greatly increase the strength of your aura. Believers in God and baptized people are less prone to negative influences from outside. However, the cross is unable to fully protect against damage to death and a love spell. Here you need frequent church attendance and periodic communion.

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