Sawa the meaning of the name
Sawa. The meaning of the name has three versions of origin. What are they? According to the first, the name comes from the ancient Aramaic "Saba" or "Sava", which translates as "the elder, the sage, the old man." The second - is translated from Greek as "from the people themselves." The third version gives the Hebrew version - "Shabbat", translated as "Saturday".

Forms of the name Savva

The diminutive form of the name is Savushka. Short - Savko, Savka, Savva. The full name - Saveliy - means "desired", "requested from God". There is a man's name, which is written with one letter "в" - Sava. The name Sawa is also an abbreviated form of the male names of Saveriy, Savian, Savvaty and female Savvatiya, Savella, Barsava, Savina.

Sawa: the meaning of a name in childhood

A boy with this name grows strong, healthyto the kid, not delivering to the parents of the big efforts. Savushka is a cheerful and good-natured child, he is a wonderful friend, possessing a huge heart, in which there is a place for everyone.

Sawa: the meaning of a name in character formation

A man with this name is a vivid example of a holistic,honest person. He is principled, sometimes it hurts him a lot. In communication with people, Savva is not always flexible. He has a very rich and multi-colored inner world, he constantly seeks new knowledge, cultivates himself.

name Sawa
He spends a lot of time in reading, givingpreference for deep, giving food to the mind of literature, loves classics. Sawa is a spiritually clean person, far from pettiness, squabbling and intrigue. The name Sawa is soft and warm, like his bearer, who is generous and rich in soul. He gives himself not only to his family and friends, but even to strangers, if they need his protection and care. Having received a good education, Savva does not always successfully implement it. Uncompromising, loyalty to principles very often prevents Savva from making a successful career. Sawa stands in full growth where you need to duck and wait until the storm passes by. Among the men with the name Sawa are many doctors, translators, architects, actors. They live in harmony with themselves and the world around them. Sawa is an inventive sage, who is wide-thinking and capable of extraordinary actions. He is disposed to discipline and obedience. Before making a decision, everything is carefully thought through and weighed, so as not to make a mistake. Justice and responsibility are its distinguishing features. He is ambitious, dreams of honors and rewards, appreciates constancy, loves the established order and obeys him. A feature of the character of Sawa is the desire for solitude.

Sawa: the meaning of the name in relations with women

Sawa's full name

Despite the fact that it does not stand out brightlyappearance, his charisma attracts women. Sawa prefers mature, intelligent, wise and witty women. By nature, he is one-man. Sex is not in his place in the first place, sometimes he will prefer a simple, emotional conversation, sitting in an embrace with his beloved, or watching a movie. Savva, unlike most men, there is no need to be approved through sex. He prefers spiritual values, such as culture, devotion, honesty, love. If Sawa's sons are born, they inherit the character of their father.

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