Signs of Fire

Each sign of the Zodiac is a certain type of energy,called "elements." There are only four in astrology. Two of them are active - Fire and Air (they are considered "positive", male, acting). The other two elements are passive. This Water and Earth - "negative", female, perceiving. The names of the elements in astrology are well known to everyone, but they do not completely coincide with those substances that are a perceptible person on a daily basis.

In the circle of the Zodiac you can enter equilateraltriangles. There are four of them according to the number of elements. The vertices of these triangles unite the zodiac signs into groups, one for each specific element. Starting from the spring equinox, the first group includes the signs of Fire: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The triangle, starting from the point of the summer solstice, includes the signs "water": Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. The next three - Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. They are united by a triangle, the first vertex of which is the point of the autumnal equinox. These signs are subject to the elements of Air. The triangle, which groups the earth signs of the Zodiac: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo - starts from the top at the point of the winter solstice.

Briefly about the main

The thinnest material element is Fire. It is expressed in each of us, but the fire signs of the Zodiac most fully generated this element, which manifests itself in the aspirations and spiritual direction of man. Fire is a world of thoughts and ideas. It exists on an abstract level and is perceived by the same abstract instrument, which is thinking.

Briefly, in one keyword fire signsThe horoscope describes this: Aries - aspiration, Leo - confidence, Sagittarius - leadership. The second sign is fixed (permanent). At the psychological level, Leo manifests himself as an executive and constant type. Aries, belonging to the basic, cardinal signs of the Zodiac, is characterized by activity, energy, initiative. Sagittarius - mutable, which requires him to take constant action to preserve emotional and other balance.

Signs of Fire. Horoscope
Signs of Fire: details of each

Aries are active, energetic, ambitious, restlessand stubborn. They tend to be the first and achieve what they want in any way. We are confident and courageous, but to a mature age can be naive idealists and romantics, which brings a lot of disappointments. Aries are often charming and original people in the spotlight. They are trusting, sincere and loyal. They love independence, they do not know how to restrain emotions, they are very demonstrative in expressing their views. Noble - they always try to come to the aid of those who are in misfortune. Unblinking, impatient. Failure in business relationships or rejected love does not plunge them into a long philosophizing. This, on the contrary, spurs them to active action in search of an alternative.

The Lion is a sign of Fire
The Lion is the sign of Fire, it is controlled by the Sun. They are energetic, emotional and creative people. But this is one side. On the other - the Lions are stubborn, proud and vain. They like to be on top and dominate, occupying a prominent position in society. By their nature, they are leaders and leaders. But to achieve the goal with painstaking labor is beyond their strength. They want everything, a lot and immediately. For them, the opinion of others is important. Men are very energetic and are able to defend their point of view with their fists. Women tend to look refined, which is not always and not everyone succeeds. Lions can be very noble, but do not infringe on their pride - this quality will not remain a trace.

Sagittarius is a sign of fire
Sagittarius - irrepressible personality, which is manifestedin their desire to learn, see and catch everything in the world. In their head they are full of ideas. Often rely on intuition, and it rarely fails. Straight, not considering anything. They observe life with keen insight and do not restrain themselves from expressing their opinion on the environment. The nature is passionate, prone to romanticism. In feelings and intentions, they are honest and straightforward. Sociable, but often alone, because they are incorrigible idealist maximalists. Even after disappointments they are able to trust people, believe in love and friendship endlessly. An ineradicable belief in the best is one of the secrets of Sagittarius's success.

Fire Signs: Compatibility

Horoscope of compatibility of fire signs saysharmonious relationships in such pairs: Aries-Sagittarius, Leo-Aries, Sagittarius-Leo. He warns of the emergence of major problems in the union of the same signs: Aries-Aries, Leo-Leo, Sagittarius-Sagittarius. You can believe this, knowing that the fire is extinguished when the flame of two lights, aimed at each other, converges.

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