Women-Taurus - what are they? First, beautiful. Large, expressive eyes, thin features, soft, kind or cheerful, fervent smile. These people, as a rule, are artistic, love music, dance well. They adore their home and try to turn it into a cozy, pretty nest. By the way, it's great for them: they have design skills in their blood. Ladies-Taurus are beautiful, caring wives, tender, devoted mothers. They are born housewives. Let the school sciences be given to the Taurus girls a bit heavy, but the science of housekeeping, the subtleties of culinary art are comprehended by them easily and in perfection. Sometimes Taurus are capricious, stubborn, irritable. So in fact and on the sun, too, there are spots!

Turquoise: a piece of sky imprisoned in stone

stone for Taurus women
When it comes to what kind of stone is suitableTaurus-women, astrologers first of all call turquoise. Why? Because this mineral from ancient times symbolized the joy of life, heartfelt joy, happiness. Its color varies from pale, milky-blue to bright blue, blue-green, like a sea in a threat. What can be useful stone for Taurus women? Firstly, he is an excellent amulet against the evil eye and other negative, which sometimes falls on its owner. In the olden days a piece of turquoise was taken with them on the road by travelers. Mineral protected them on the way, protected from violent death and other misfortunes. Since then, centuries have passed, but esotericists are still advised to purchase this stone for Taurus women, who often go on business trips, business trips. This is especially true of journalists, because they, by occupation, have to be in dangerous places and hot spots. And also a business-man, whose activities are also sometimes associated with various kinds of problems. No less useful is the stone for Taurus women, engaged in magic, acquiring and practicing secret knowledge. He drives away the forces of darkness, as if exposes the strongest shield between the "that" world and "this." And, finally, turquoise is the strongest love talisman. Ring with a blue, like a spring sky, a pebble, it is customary to give the girl a betrothal. Putting it on a finger, a young man not only confesses sincere and strong feelings, but promises to be faithful and devoted to his chosen one.
what stone suits Taurus-women
Such a gift, as it were, guaranteed a successful,stable family life, because turquoise strengthens the feelings of lovers, helps to carry them through the years in its original form. In addition, this stone is important for Taurus women as a symbol of sincere and reliable friendship. He attracts success, promotes spiritual and career growth, helps to establish just such a life, about which lady dreams. As for the medical parameters, here, too, turquoise plays the first violin. It positively affects the nervous system, removes irritability, nervous tension, depressiveness. With its help there is a headache, the work of the intestine and the whole gastrointestinal tract normalizes.

Ward of pink quartz

Strong healing energy is enjoyed by manygems. For Taurus, women are very useful, except turquoise, emerald, amber, white coral, pink quartz. Pink quartz symbolizes unconditional friendship and love. Wearing jewelry from turquoise and quartz will make the Taurus woman happy in friendship and personal life.

precious stones for Taurus-women
In addition, the pink crystal has long been considereda powerful weapon in the fight against infertility. It heals the kidneys, liver, pelvic organs. A stone can render a woman an invaluable help: to establish health, to return cheerfulness and optimism. It clears the energy field around the person, feeds it with positive charges. The gentle pink color of quartz acts peacefully, relaxing, beneficial, giving birth to a sense of inner harmony and joy of being.

Cheerful emerald, bright sunny amber and other stones, if properly worn, can become wonderful talismans for you in personal affairs and social life.

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