Probably, many people can say withconfidence that there are prophetic dreams. But no one can accurately confirm on what days they come true. Prophetic dreams can visit you any night. But why then is it considered that prophetic dreams from Thursday to Friday? In fact, a fairly rare phenomenon, when everything that has happened is realized in a thorough manner. Most often, there are some events that we compare with the plot of dreams. And whether they are considered prophetic, you decide for yourself. But one thing I know for sure, prophetic dreams are for everyone, but not everyone can recognize and explain them.

Let's all the same understand why sleep withThursday for Friday must come true? The night that falls on this gap is quite heavy, because fatigue and negativity accumulate over the whole week, and Friday morning does not bring relief, because it's not a day off, so, again to work. It turns out that all the days in the week are under the guidance of different planets of the solar system. The planet Venus is the patroness of Friday's dreams. That's why the events that have happened this night are very emotional and sensual. They are connected with family and friends, as well as with personal life.

Sleep from Thursday to Friday reflects our desires andfantasies, secret thoughts. If you turn to such an interesting science as psychoanalysis, you can find out that dreams are the secret places of our subconscious. Our wandering soul travels in a world of dreams, and it is from Thursday to Friday that we can see the sign that our desires will ever come true. If you dream that you bought something beautiful and expensive, then be sure: very soon your wishes will be fulfilled. Some believe that from the fact that the number had to be dreamed at night, it plays a big role in whether the events are being fulfilled.

If there are problems ahead in your family,then a dream from Thursday to Friday may well suggest this. For example, you may dream that you are losing something or can not reach the goal. If you have a dream of a very good story, and you want it to come true with all your heart, then according to popular belief, you need to tell everything that was dreamed to your relatives. If the events were bad, then on the contrary, do not tell the contents to anyone. Open the tap with water and say: "Wherever the night, go there and sleep."

When we try to understand in the morning what we dreamed about something, we do not always draw the right conclusions. And only then, when there is an event, we compare it with our prophetic dream.

Do not try to perceive them literally. After all, if you dream that you are getting married, but in fact you already have a husband for a long time, this does not mean that you will meet a new love. Perhaps, there will be some changes in your family, your husband will treat you even better than before.

Remembering what dream you had a dream on ThursdayFriday, be sure to fantasize about what it is. If the events were good, then believe that everything will come true. But in case the dream is bad, do not immediately get upset. Maybe it's not so bad. In any case, our dreams carry some sort of encrypted signs, which are in some way connected with the real life of everyone.

Of course, not everyone believes this, but still, I'm surein that from Thursday to Friday dreams come true, but only the best, and the bad - no. It's better to forget about them. It is not necessary to attract negative emotions to yourself, and after all, they arise when we begin to remember bad and terrible nightmares. It's better just to think about that it's just a dream, and to reality these terrible events have nothing to do. Although all the same, it is worth paying attention to the content of dreams that occurred on Thursday on Friday, because there may be some warning to you.

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