To disclose the meaning of the images of the bear and othersforest animals in our dreams, it is useful to turn to folklore. Bear - a powerful powerful animal, dangerous, but at the same time devoid of grace and a bit rustic. He is resourceful and economic. It can attack defenseless, and sometimes protect the weak and act as a "world judge". Therefore, the answer to the question of what the bear dreams about is ambiguous and depends on the circumstances in which you saw it.

Most dream interpretations treat the image of a bear asaggressive. If you saw exactly such a bear attacking you, sleep symbolizes the struggle. It can be a rivalry in business or love. If the fight ends with your victory, in reality you too will prevail over enemies. However, if real rivals in your environment are not observed, perhaps you are the same bear, too zealously defending their possessions. Moderate your ardor, and the animals in your dreams will become more peaceful. The struggle against the bear can symbolize your inner struggle of aspirations and their fears. The bear's skin is dreaming about the same thing that a beaten bear dreams about: getting out of a difficult situation, achieving justice, honor and respect. Planted in a cage, the owner of the forest warns about extreme caution in financial matters.

The images of many forest predators in dreams havea similar value. For example, if we honor the dreams of a lynx, we will again see rivalry and struggle. Alarming warnings are sent to us by both foxes and wolves.

However, as we have already said, the image of a bear may not necessarily be threatening. A peaceable animal for a young woman can mean an early marriage. What if you dreamed of a bear cub slightly less? A touching and clumsy baby next to her mother symbolizes family well-being and can be a sign of an early replenishment.

If in a dream you escape from the pursuera large beast, most likely, lets know about himself the undefeated inner fear that was born in childhood. If such a dream is repeated repeatedly, it is an occasion to find out the reason that will have a beneficial effect on your real life.

Why does the bear dream of white? Wait for a dirty trick and be on the alert. Again, the situation in which he met you is important. Well, if it became your trophy, and not vice versa. But what a bear dreams of a more exotic breed, the dream books do not specify. However, it is known that among peoples in the folklore of which the bear is not an intimidating character, its appearance symbolizes the wisdom of the ancestors and the family hearth.

A bear in a den seen in a dream can meanand the need for conscious solitude in a quiet harbor until better times. Perhaps you live at a too fast pace, and if you slow down and look around, discover something new.

What a bear dreams about, if it is set upbenevolently and is disposed to communicate? This dream portends luck, including financial, as well as close attention to you of the opposite sex. As you can see, a lot depends on the situation in which this beast met in your dream, as well as from the feeling that the dream left.

And finally, let's talk about the method of managing yourdreams that the shamans used millennia ago. It is believed that sleep can not be controlled, but if the same dream follows you for a long time, prepare to meet with him from the evening. Think about how you would like to change / develop a situation that repeats itself in a dream. What would you like to ask the character you met (even if it's a bear)? Targeted attempts to establish contact with your subconscious mind can change your dream or help you forget about it at all. This will mean that you have found the key to solving the problem that has occupied you.

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