Interpreting the interpretation of dreams,consider not only good symbols that bring with them joy and happiness, health and prosperity. Of course, there are bad or not very good signs that warn of trouble and even dangers. For example, what are the flies about that many do not like in real life?

what are the flies dreaming about

Good news and a dream book by Miller

The good news is that the dream itselfYou can not be harmed by yourself, but only warns about possible variants of the development of events. As in the tale in which a good fellow could choose one of the three roads. Also, the Word of God and prayer to Heavenly Father will always help the dreamers. But closer to the point: if the flies are dreaming - should we worry?

The dream book of Miller without any reservations, straightstates that such a dream is not good. The symbol warns of having many enemies, in fact, enemies. Why do you dream a lot of flies? A girl with the same sign foreshadows a lot of trouble. There will be gossip, empty worries and sadness. However, there are some nuances. Killing or banishing these insects in a dream, she will be able to avoid dangers and even see the changes for the better on the love front.

Do not catch flies in a dream

 what do a lot of flies dream about

What do you dream about flies that you catch in a dream? Sonny Hasse reports on the dangers of such a symbol. Dreamers should take care that trouble passes them. It also says that flies that fall into drinks (wine) or food, are a portent of fright. Killing them in a dream, you overcome obstacles in reality. In this compilation Sonnik Hasse agree with the interpretations of the previous source.

The general dream book also reports about troubles,who sees flies in a dream. You should take care of your health by taking preventive measures against infectious pathologies. This source of interpretation of symbols also warns of enemies and ill-wishers. Anything good this sign does not promise girls-dreamers. Avoiding major troubles, misfortune will succeed those who kill these insects in their sleep. Then, it would seem, the lost love will return.

Flies in a dream - enemies and waking illnesses

Why are flies dreamed of interpreting a new familydream book? Here flies symbolize infectious diseases and the presence of many enemies. It can be seen that practically all the compilers of the esoteric sources under consideration in interpreting this symbol are unanimous in their opinion. Nothing new is on our topic and on the pages of the Modern Dream Book.

Consolation from the Mayan dream book

But there is one book in which this symboldreams are recognized as a good sign. At least, in addition to disturbing interpretations, this source brings dreamers and good news. Why are flies dreamed in the light of the Mayan dream book? If the insects are dead, then you have to go to a romantic meeting. There will be a pleasant date. A bad sign here is a fly flying somewhere. She, as it were, tells you: "You are in a hurry to hurry, you'll be late anyway!"

flies off

But the compilers of this dream book took care ofto show the dreamers a way out of the situation. If you refuse breakfast, you can still start important business and even succeed in them. We wish you this and also happiness, success in love and all the best!

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