The meaning of the name Cyrus can provide quite a lot of information about its owner. After all, it is, as a rule, extremely strong, confident and motivated person.

the meaning of the name Cyrus

The origin of the name of Cyrus

The meaning of the name Cyrus can be described by figuring out theits origin. First of all, it should be noted that this name was extremely common in ancient Greece. In translation it means "lady". It is this word that can clearly and concisely describe the main features of the nature and inclination of women with this name. By the way, the Greek name "Kiriya" in its turn comes from the Persian male name "Kurush", which in translation means "like the sun". In due time this name was given only to strong women - governesses. The patroness of all the girls is the famous Kira Macedonian, whose holiday falls on March 13.

Secret of the name of Cyrus

Astrologers distinguish several basiccharacteristics of women with this name. As has already been said, these are strong personalities who always and in everything achieve success, coping well with problems and defeats. In addition, it is believed that the life of women is influenced by the planet Pluto. It can also be noted that the colors of Kira are red, steel and brown. As for the talisman, then amber is an excellent performer.

Kira: the meaning of the name and character

Cyrus the meaning of the name

To begin with it is worth noting that Cyrus is alwaysaristocratic nature, regardless of the conditions of birth and residence. Even in early childhood, the main features of her character begin to manifest. Baby from birth is stubborn and wants to keep everything under control. It is almost impossible to change your mind. In addition, little Cyrus is a very independent girl. She is independent, loves to do everything herself.

Study is given to her simply. By the way, the girl from a young age is very serious about education. Exact science is given to it much easier. Quite often the owners of this name make a career in the field, one way or another related to mathematics or physics. The girl loves to read and has a tendency to sport.

Kira is always an inveterate debater. And this quality is manifested in childhood. The girl is sure that a dispute can and must always be won. By the way, this is the same quality she values ​​in the people around her.

The meaning of the name of Cyrus can tell a lot about heradulthood. As a rule, a girl turns into a strong and purposeful woman. Thanks to the brilliant analytical mind, the owner of this name can achieve success in almost any undertaking. By the way, quite often Kirs become independent and successful entrepreneurs.

The meaning of the name of Cyrus: love and friendship

the secret of the name of Cyrus

Kira is an excellent and loyal friend. Yes, she is slightly distrustful and difficult to build lasting relationships with people. But if someone managed to win the friendship of this woman, then this is forever. Kira at any time will come to the rescue without asking any unnecessary questions. By the way, the owner of this name does not like to gossip and independently makes an opinion about this or that person, based on his own experience of communicating with him.

As for love, Kira usesa huge success for men, as it is a beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman. Unfortunately, it is difficult for her to build relationships because of distrust and doubts. Often men leave, tired of waiting.

Despite its strength, Cyrus is very responsivea person who can sincerely sympathize with someone else's grief and problems. There is only one thing that this woman can not forgive or forget: betrayal and betrayal forever ruin the relationship.

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