If you decide to name your daughter Vasilisa, thenThe meaning of the name, about which this article will tell, will come at an opportune moment. The name of Vasilisa today is one of the rarest. Someone it causes associations with the man's name (Vasya is his boyfriend), which is why people do not like always. Someone thinks that Vasilisa is a very sonorous, aristocratic name. That's the name of wise girls in Russian folk tales.

the meaning of the name of Vasilisa
Characteristics of the name Vasilisa

The meaning of the name comes from the Greek language. His literal translation is "queen". Probably, that's why girls with such a name possess a willfulness, and sometimes arrogance. The meaning of the name Vasilisa suggests some conflict, especially if the child was born in winter.

Like anyone, Vasilisa has andpositive, and negative traits. As a child, Vasya is a shy, even closed-minded child. Has a weak willpower, often inferior to others in disputes, even if she is sure of her rightness. At the same time he will never accept someone else's point of view and will remain at his own opinion. And all because Vasilisa does not like quarrels, and in general she is very kind and sympathetic. But timidity often becomes a serious obstacle to achieving goals in childhood and adolescence.

The meaning of the name Vasilisa often speaks of the propensity to illness and cold, especially in childhood.

Vasilisa have a heightened sense ofjustice. And if they are shy in their youth because of their shyness to defend their point of view, then, after growing up and becoming morally stronger and stronger, they can give a verbal rebuff to any disputant.

Vasilisa value of the name

Vasilisa is interested in everything unusual, likethink and reason, they are curious, including occult sciences, and therefore the meaning of Vasilisa's name implies the desire to realize oneself in the exact sciences that require abstract thinking.

As for the marriage, Vasilisa, compensatinglack of imperious character traits in childhood, can manifest them in family life. Even if she loves her husband, she always wants to subdue him, and often - in a command tone that Vasilisa can not hold back even with all her will. It should also be noted that the meaning of Vasilisa's name implies the greatest love affinity with men, who are called Potap or Mitrofan. Early marriages in this case can rarely be called successful: in his youth, Vasilisa has not yet fully figured out herself, to bind herself to serious relationships and family responsibilities.

characteristic of the name of Vasilisa

Vasilisa is a very responsive person. If he sees that someone really needs help, he will certainly support in word and deed. But, despite the desire to help and, as a rule, a large number of friends, she often can not open her eyes to anyone, she feels everything in everything, she rarely trusts people. Even adult external despotism is a mask for the same shy and modest girl Vasya.

Despite such a complex and extremely controversial nature, Vasilisa lives a happy and measured life. She is successful in her career, her friends trust her, her husband and children love her.

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