Svyatoslav is an originally Slavic name. It is formed from two words: the noun "glory" and the adjective "holy". The meaning of the name Svyatoslav is easy to understand: he is a talented, cheerful and hardworking person. In the times of Russia this name was rarely called boys. Parents who chose it, appropriated to their child luck, peace and happiness. Usually such children were descendants of eminent notable families. They were called solar children!

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What is the name of Svyatoslav


This is one of the few Slav namesorigin, which was adopted by the Orthodox Church. In translation from the ancient Slavonic language Svyatoslav is "sacred glory". From early childhood Svyatik - mama's son. He helps her in everything and everywhere, even on the au pair. But this is for the time being. Gradually, he begins to be interested in men's affairs. From the Svyatik is a real Svyatoslav!

The meaning of the name, as we already know, speaks ofinquisitiveness of its representative. This character trait does not give him any peace. He constantly seeks to know the world around him. The boy grows impulsive and enthusiastic. He supports any ideas and beginnings of his friends, for which he often gets from adults.


The meaning of the name Svyatoslav appeals to his talent. The guy is gifted by nature, his abilities are envied by many. From Svyatoslav can get a brilliant schoolboy, but "extra" hobbies often prevent him from learning.

the meaning of the name of Svyatoslav

This person respects othershis people - this is his name value. Svyatoslav hates to act as the initiator of conflicts, but this does not mean his cowardice! If there is a need, he will certainly come to the rescue of his friends. However, his talent makes him sometimes a vulnerable and sensitive person. Fortunately, Svyatoslav is not a vindictive person. If he takes offense at someone, then revenge will never be.


Adult Svyatoslav is an open, delicate andpeace-loving person. Owners of this name quickly switch from the old case to a new one. They do not need to forget about their previous endeavors. That's why he has no special preferences in professional activity. Any specialty suits him. By the way, innate talent and a desire for diligence, of course, help Svyatoslav achieve success.

Svyatoslav has a very strong sense ofsolidarity. That's why his friends - more than enough! The inherent volitional qualities, sober mind, poise and patience make Svyatoslav a strong spirit. He can always stand up for himself and convince others of his opinion.

Family name value

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Svyatoslav is a charm in his relations withfine floor. However, to the choice of the companion of life, he is suitable and deliberate. Girls of blustery behavior are not interested in him. The owner of this name is in search of a sincere, serious, polite and reliable girl with a strong attitude. In his youth, it is not always possible to find his ideal. Therefore, Svyatoslav's marriage is often late.

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