Dmitry is a Greek name (it sounds like Dimitrios). It is treated as an "earthly fruit" or "dedicated to Demeter" (goddess of farming and fertility, named "Mother Earth"). The meaning of the name Dima completely absorbed the joy, active principle, reliability, inherent in the Earth. Church Slavonic form - Demetrius, Old Russian - Dyttr.

the meaning of the name dima
The meaning of the name Dima manifests itself in childhood. He often suffers from various respiratory diseases, which requires constant attention, capriciousness and instability of character. But still he is full of kindness and suppleness, although in school years his stubbornness and quick temper may manifest. In relations with classmates Dmitry is ambiguous. It can break it, but it also happens on the contrary - such situations reinforce it.

Secret of the name of Dima in the professional sphere: most suited to him the work of a programmer or researcher, a greater likelihood of success in trade and medicine. It is better for Dmitry to choose a sphere of activity where constant communication with people is necessary. In the company of a person with this name is always in the spotlight. His charm allows him to enjoy success with beautiful women. Dima, the meaning of whose name we are considering, very much likes comfort, coziness and different pleasures. A cheerful company can make him have good fun and even drink, but not too much: he does not face alcohol dependence.

the meaning of the name
In life Dmitry is hardworking, with failurescopes easily. Career does himself, quickly adapts in various situations. Always brings to the end the business started, works great in a team. There is only one of his lack of communication with people - sometimes he incorrectly teaches them. But for the sake of his friends, Dima is ready for anything. Although due to impulsiveness and stubbornness, it is difficult for him to be with them for a long time. Injustice and resentment can lead him to a violent state. Diplomacy is not his fad. Dima always inherent desire to be the best, to be the first.

The meaning of the name Dima in priorities: he is insanely attached to luxury, booze and food. Create an appropriate standard of living is hard not only for him, but for his relatives, especially his wife.

mystery of the name of Dima

Dmitry is very fond of. And each time his new feelings are so fascinating that he sometimes forgets about the present sympathy and is sharply addicted to another woman. Often this grows into deep feelings. But to build a lasting and lasting relationship is not possible, because Dima does not understand the psychology of women. For this reason, a large number of marriages are possible. And if they are born children, they all bathe in the care of his father. Romantic relations with women Dima retains at any age. Mother for Dmitry is an authority for life.

Names of women with whom happiness in marriage is possible: Elena, Anna, Lilia, Lyudmila, Love, Yana, Natalia. It is impossible to build relationships with Angela, Vika, Irina, Inna, Marina, Julia, Sophia.

The meaning of the name Dima will be very useful for parents who choose a future for their child, depending to some extent on how they will call the child.

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