There are several opinions explainingthe origin of the name Natalia. Most often there is information that it came from the Latin "natalis", which means "native". Also, perhaps, this is the female version of the rare male name Natalie.

More rarely, one can find information about the origin of this name from the Hebrew word "natan", which means "granted."

the meaning of the name
Since early childhood, Natasha is in the centerattention. She is very active, cheerful and likes to fantasize, so even the usual games with her participation acquire something new and exciting. However, she is very touchy, and will try to get revenge if possible.

The meaning of the name Natalia says that by natureshe is stubborn and self-centered, she has always got used to get her way. Because of self-doubt, it is very dependent on praise and needs constant support. If there are people nearby who are ready to help her, Natalia can succeed in almost any area.

At school I study well, I have success practicallyin all subjects. She may not be an excellent student, but she is always in the forefront and leads an active social life. Natalia has a very developed sense of justice, so she will stand up for the unjustly offended classmates and friends.

the secret of the name is natalya
Having grown up, tries to become independent from parents as soon as possible and start living independently. Knowing your own worth, she controls her life. All this reveals the meaning of the name Natalia.

She has a strong will and an analytical mind. When starting a new business, he thinks out a few options for possible consequences.

Natalia loves traveling, the weekend tries to spend in the fresh air. Another of her hobbies is drawing. If desired, she can become a good artist.

The meaning of the name Natalia also characterizes her as a straightforward, quick-tempered, determined girl. However, she is very modest and meek.

Natalia, thanks to her femininity,attracts men at any age. If she really loves, then she gives herself completely to relationships. Natalia is very addictive, attached to her partner very quickly, surrounding him with her care. The severance of relations is going through hard, but quickly, quickly switching his attention to the new man.

the origin of the name is natalya
With marriage usually does not drag out, but to the choicelife partner is taken very seriously. She will be faithful to her husband, and puts all her strength into raising children, whom she worships. The companion of Natalya's life is better not to pay attention to her minor flaws, because just a couple of words can hurt her to the core. At first glance at her family, one might think that the main thing in the family is the husband, but in fact she imperceptibly controls his actions and influences his decisions.

The meaning of the name Natalia says that she is a very good mistress. She always clean, comfortable, and on the table a delicious lunch. Guests like to visit her house, where harmony always reigns.

The mystery of the name of Natalia indicates that it is that whirlpool, in the quiet waters of which there are necessarily a few devils pushing it both to deliberate and to ill-considered actions.

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