About choosing a name for a child, parents oftenthink long before his birth. Yes, this is understandable: often the name, its sound, origin, symbolism, associations play a very large role in human life. There are many beautiful and sonorous women's names. Pavel Florensky also spoke about the importance of sounding in his famous work dedicated to onomastics.

the meaning of Ilon's name
The meaning of the name Ilona goes back to the Hungarian, andfurther to the Greek, and means "the moon" (according to other sources - "bright light", and is associated with the Greek "Elena"). Especially popular is, of course, in Hungary, but not only. Due to the fact that once part of Poland was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the sound and meaning of the name Ilona became popular in Poland. In addition, they are so fond of calling girls in Italy (remember the famous Cicciolina). It is extremely popular in France. But in Finland the meaning of Ilona's name is being raised to "Ilo" - "joy", hence has the most positive connotations. In this northern country, several tens of thousands of carriers of this name have been registered.

It is believed that a girl or woman wearing suchname, is very responsible, economical, demanding. Her totemic animal (according to some sources) is a lark; the planet is the moon, and the symbol is green. The carnelian of the name of Ilon is carnelian. Mysteriousness and mystery distinguishes representatives of the fair sex, so called.

Ilona value of the name
Selena, Ilana or Ilona - the meaning of the nameit is associated with brightness, with light. As if in confirmation, usually these women are incorrigible romances. They dream of finding the perfect man - and often find! Sometimes Ilona's cheerful disposition and her manner of communication cause jealousy in other women. The name magic asks them to have a positive outlook on life and always be optimistic about the world and people.

The meaning of the name Ilona symbolizes the Woman withbig letters, high-end and solid principles. Self-confidence and strong character give her the opportunity to achieve a dream. Such women do not give up, despite some failures and failures. On the contrary, they always struggle for their rights. Sometimes Ilona would like to draw the attention of everyone around, but at the same time they are rather secretive, they will not share their deepest, secret secrets even with the closest friend.

magic of a name
These women are compulsory, conscientious andtake care of every little thing. They are always ready to accept the challenge of fate, they are not afraid of difficulties. At heart, however, Ilona is in a romantic quest for the ideal person who devotes herself to others. This is a noble, good-natured and pure nature.

The meaning of Ilon's name also suggests that thesewomen are very cautious, but also disciplined and responsible, therefore they are often assigned the organization of various projects. At the same time, these women are vulnerable and sensitive, so they are extremely important for their spiritual comfort and family support. They have an extraordinary intellect, especially everything that is related to languages ​​and art is given to them. They are excellent students, while showing great creativity. According to some information, the meaning of Ilon's name is associated with a torch. Girls who bear such a name, as if they feel their mission and try to illuminate people's way. Name days Ilona fall on August 18, January 27, April 23.

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