In the Turkic languages, about 170million people. Many modern names of people who inhabit our country, like the names of household items, have Altai roots of origin. The current range of their distribution is in Siberia, from the Lena River basin and further to the southeast, up to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean.

Interest in the name Ainur, which arose recently

ainur meaning of the name

We must immediately stipulate that international interestto what the name Ainur means, was due to the extraordinary popularity of the works of the English professor JRR Tolkien, the author of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. His story "Music Ainur", like all his work, leads the fans into a state of spiritual uneasiness, urging them to study everything that can be connected with this imperishable heritage. Although in itself Ainur, the meaning of whose name in translation from the Turkic sounds unusually beautiful - "moonlight" - also deserves some attention. If only because such a romantic interpretation is more suitable for a woman. After all, the light of the moon means kindness and sensitivity, generosity and peace. And as a woman's name, it is quite common in the territories of Muslim countries. An excellent example is the "golden voice" of Turkey - singer Ainur Dogan. Fashion for this name came to our country. Girls, named by him, on the Net (a platform of modern communication) are encountered more and more often.

The character of a man named Ainur

What else is interesting, drawing on the conclusionsall kinds of research, can surprise Ainur? Male name can be explained with the help of numerology - a science developed by Pythagoras. He argued that absolutely everything can be interpreted in figures, placing any concept in the simplest series from 1 to 9. The names were proposed to be considered as a relationship between ordinal numbers of letters in the alphabet. As a result of calculations, the number of Ainur's name is defined as 3, which attributes to the wearer the possession of a sense of humor and guarantees popularity, and also indicates readiness for mutual assistance.

which means the name Ainur

Special Features

Great importance is given to the harmony between numbersname, destiny and soul. If in this perspective, consider a person named Ainur, the meaning of the name will confirm his leadership. All numbers are commensurate, and the numbers of the soul and the name coincide (3), which also gives an excellent result - such a person is simply doomed to glory! The alphabetic transcription completes this captivating image. This is an excellent worker (the insect-protector says an ant), who has a scientific approach even to the most tedious process, a sensible organizer and a talented scientist. "... Well, what's more to you? .." With such indicators it is not surprising that the nickname Ainur (the meaning of the name promises only a brilliant future) is becoming more and more in demand.

Harmony of the name

Ainur male name

All his charms also attract sympathy. These include: elements (Earth and Water), mineral (onyx), sign of the Zodiac (Aquarius), plant (cypress). A suitable color is honey-yellow, that is, warmth, peace, joy, confidence in the coming day. But the secret and charm lies in the fact that Ainur, the meaning of whose name is deciphered as "moonlight" (we remember it), and in the male version, assumes an enviable external presence of a sensitive, vulnerable and defenseless soul. Hence the incredibly painful sensitivity to criticism of their actions. Do not offend him without much need.

In general, this case is quite rare. Usually there are a lot of contradictions in the name deciphering. Ainur - the personification of harmony. Everything here is complementary, everything corresponds. Generous, empathic, philanthropist (charity, caring for people in need of him in his blood) and a realist who stands firmly on his feet. More than any of the male character names - Victor, Vladimir, Alexander - can not boast of such a lack of disharmony.

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