Only in the Orthodox church culture isseveral martyrs bearing the name Arina. And there is Arina the righteous and Arina of Cappadocia, Arina is a faithful queen. Even from this incomplete list it is clear how ancient the origin of Arin's name is.

the meaning of the name arina

About how widespread this name was in Russia, say the proverbs with its mention, and the signs associated with it.

The origin of the name is still not exactlyIt is installed, although there are many versions. According to one of them, the meaning of the name Arina is related to the Bulgarian goddess Arina, on the other - it's just an old form of the name Irina. Some believe that Arina is a female version of the Jewish name Aaron, while others insist that the meaning of Arin's name should be sought in ancient Greece.

And only in one the majority of historians agree: most likely, the name Arina has Slavic roots.

The meaning of the name Arina usually imposes a specialimprint on the girl. Since childhood, she seems somewhat withdrawn, too restrained. However, this does not mean alienation, but that she constantly tries to learn something: a new case, another style of communication, the ability to find a way out of different situations.

the origin of the name arina

The constant work of the mind forces Arin earlygrow up. As a child, they are more fond of their fathers, but even for their sake they will not arrange "demonstration performances." It is impossible to force girls with this name to read poems or sing songs for guests: they all know how, but they do not like it very much. Therefore, the girls are either embarrassed and forget everything they know, or are obstinately locked in themselves.

How do Arina teenagers behave? The meaning of the name implies that this by nature talented girls everything is given easily. That's why they easily learn, can sew, and draw, and dance, and communicate beautifully with a huge number of friends and friends. As long as it's interesting to them.

As soon as someone tries against Arina's will, to reduce her personal space, Arina-teenager can become aggressive.

Characteristics of the name Arina says that inof adult life a girl with this name is able to master a lot of "parallel" professions or hobbies. Girls are happy to watch Hollywood "masterpieces", however, not to sob over the fate of the heroines, but in order to just laugh at them.

 characteristic of the name arina

The meaning of Arina's name implies that she does not even guess that her qualities, which she calls soberness and restraint, are most likely coldness and detachment.

However, it is they who keep Arin from the earlymarriage. Arins long and carefully choose their husband. However, they are severely affected by loneliness and therefore sometimes seek compromises. However, the compromises usually do not end with anything: the girls are difficult alone, even more difficult with a man who is not ideal for them.

The meaning of Arin's name is a sure guarantee thatin marriage, they are excellent mothers, faithful wives, skillful housewives. However, never a girl with such a name will be able to subordinate herself only to the home: those who want to create a family with them must always take this into account.

Arina is a real woman. She chooses typically "female" professions (for example, a cashier, a cosmetologist, a music teacher). In marriage, she always relies entirely on her husband. He will never commit an act, which he will later be ashamed to remember.

A lot of saints and martyrs with this name are excellent proof of this.

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