The name Violetta is of Latin origin and is translated as "violet". It is very popular with famous classics - this is the name of more than one heroine of literary works.

the meaning of Violetta's name
Violetta from early childhood is very independentand a determined girl. She is a little brisk, she will never let herself be hurt. Has an increased self-esteem, considers himself better than others and looks down on children of his age.

In the teenage period in the nature of the girlsuch features as restlessness, courage, masculinity and determination are manifested. Also Violet is very stubborn. To convince her of what she does not agree with is just wasting time.

Quite often, even with simple words, Violetta can offend a person. But he never acknowledges his guilt and error, even if it is obvious.

As soon as the opportunity arises to move away from the parents, she will take advantage of it, showing her independence and independence.

The meaning of the name Violetta characterizes her as a very emotional woman.

violetta value of the name
In life she is an "owl", therefore she will always give preference to the work that falls on evening and night hours. In the morning, she loves spending more time in her bed.

Violetta has a good taste, which allows her to look stylish always. She can come up with something from her clothes, and maybe even sew herself.

The meaning of the name Violetta speaks of it asvery attractive woman. It is always popular with men at almost any age. Violetta falls in love very quickly, in some cases, can even decide to betray her lover, because for her sex is very important. Unfortunately, this behavior often leads to her divorce. The second time he marries almost always.

The secret of Violetta's name characterizes her as a person with a good memory and an analytical mind. However, she is ungracious, but if she wishes she can achieve a lot.

Violetta has a very high opinion of herself. He believes that only she can give really useful advice. He loves to be attracted to attention when he is listened to.

In an environment of people to whom she is interested,feels very comfortable. She likes to be admired. But a small comment or any criticism can knock this woman out of the rut. She is simply lost, and she has a feeling of anxiety.

The secret of Violetta's name
The meaning of the name Violetta speaks of her as a person in need of communication with close people and friends and even dependent on him. He likes very noisy companies, he tries to avoid loneliness.

A casual meeting on the street can become adecisive in his personal life and change the fate of a woman named Violetta. The meaning of the name says that in marriage (if it suits her) she will be the ideal hostess and wife. But it turns out she did not immediately, but only after a few years. The companion of life is a witty and temperamental person. In the family, she is often the leader, Violetta simply does not agree to other roles.

She does not hurry up to have children, she wants to live for herself. With the mother-in-law more often the relationship does not add up, so they live separately.

The meaning of the name Violetta describes her as a person who treats her work only as a source of income. The begun business up to the end brings up seldom.

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