Images of dreams are based on certainassociative ties, formed as a result of centuries of collective experience. Animals in dreams represent our emotional sphere. They are associated with the feelings that we feel for others, - so says the dream book. Puppy - what does this symbol mean? Let's see how different authors interpret it.

Puppies, cute little creatures, causejoy, tenderness, a desire to take them, protect them, make friends with them. Sleep loves the flip-flops. Therefore, similar emotions experienced in real life, in a dream turn into their characters - images of animals.

So, we open the dream book of Tsvetkov. According to him, the puppy means a gift. Why does the sleeper, unconsciously waiting for a gift or hoping to receive it, see a puppy in a dream? Therefore, it is obvious that his brain, summarizing the available information, embodies his forecast in the dream through this symbol.

We take another dream book. The puppy, according to Freud, has several meanings, depending on our actions in a dream. So, if the sleeper is playing with him - he is waiting for a gift from a friend or a loved one.

Sleeping chooses a puppy in the market - this means thata close person is insincere and dissolves gossip about him. If the sleeper finds a homeless puppy - a dream to the fact that he needs to take care of someone very needy.

To dream of yourself in the form of a puppy, carefree, small, means to feel tired due to your problems. The dream speaks of the desire to be alone, to understand your own feelings and thoughts.

A dog with puppies heralds a man to meet a woman similar to his mother, an unconscious sexual attraction to her.

For a woman such a dream promises an acquaintance,sympathy for a very young man. Freud believed: in dreams unconscious sexual desires find a way out, so many symbols of dreams are inherent in erotic coloring. Whether this is so in every particular case, to decide the master of the dream. Perhaps the great psychoanalyst was wrong in some ways.

If we take the "Esoteric Dream Book", the puppy is thereportends pleasant feelings. If you see him asleep, you will feel sympathy for people younger than you. The puppy caresses - you will love a man much younger than yourself. You see a lot of puppies - you will be surrounded by people who are younger than you.

However, seeing a puppy playing in a dream means cheating on the part of loved ones, friends. Why is playing a puppy a deception? Is it because the game is just an imitation of the real action?

Let's see what is written about the symbol "puppy" in the dream book of Hasse. The basis of this interesting book is the observations our forefathers have made over the centuries.

It turns out that in it the meaning of the symbol is close toto the way his previous dream book interprets: the puppy foreshadows that the sleeper will find a new young friend. Is not it true that the associations that arise are remarkably similar?

And does it mean something is the color of a puppy? It is likely that someone might dream of a white kid, someone - a redhead or some other color. What is said about the color in the books mentioned? It turns out that this is not the focus of any dream book. Puppy black, however, appears in the book of N. Grishina. It means the appearance of a young friend, coinciding with the interpretation of the Hasse symbol. Grishina's "Noble Dream Book" pays much attention to the image of the dog, but the puppies in it are represented only by a black puppy.

In Tsvetkov, who attaches great importance to light and color in a dream, the color of the puppy is not mentioned at all.

Let's open the "Islamic dream book". A white puppy in his interpretation means faith, black is the dominion over the household. Well, representatives of different cultures can have their own specific associations. But how much the symbol's values ​​are close to people of another culture - this is the question.

If you look for other numerous dream books,maybe there are some more values ​​for the puppy symbol. In the interesting art of solving dreams, the more of them, the better. Try to find them! Happy dreams to you!

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