Everyone knows that the name received by a person atbirth, in his life is of great importance. The name Tamara, who came to Russia in the twelfth century from Georgia, is no exception. This was the name of the Georgian queen, a proud, beautiful woman. The royal features are peculiar to the girls, who were called by this name.

value name of Tamara


Tamara is an inquisitive, curious and verymobile girl. As a child, she is restless and often can not concentrate on one thing. Only her infinite interests she attaches importance. Tamara's name is a symbol of constant change of interests, aspirations everywhere to be in time and learn everything. Often the curiosity of the girl turns into obsessive curiosity. Growing up, her appearance, her visibility, the girl attaches increasing importance. Tamara's name is a guarantee that the girl will participate in amateur performances, play in KVN, supervise some kind of social work. In order to flaunt and be visible, she is ready for much. Becoming an adult, she begins to think about what Tamara's name means, and comes to the conclusion: if that's the name of the queen, then she needs to behave like a king. She becomes more circumspect and restrained, tries to gain a positive reputation in the society. Usually she succeeds: a friendly, sociable and sympathetic woman attracts the attention of many. Over time, she chooses a goal and persistently achieves it. For an adult, but for the time being an unmarried woman, work becomes paramount.

A family

which means Tamara

In the early youth, the boys for Tamara did notrepresent a special interest. Becoming older, she begins to be very interested in the opposite sex, but she does it cautiously: she attaches great importance to the qualities of "suitors". Tamara's name emphasizes the legibility of the girl and her desire to please men younger than her. It is such a marriage and will be successful for the bearer of the royal name. Tamara will take control in her own hands. She will herself paint the budget, plan spending, save on hobbies. Only when it comes to spending for children, Tom's mom will not hold back. The husband will be forever devoted to Tamara, even if they have to divorce (which in the life of these women happens quite often). The fact is that the woman with the name of the Georgian queen is gorgeous in bed. After living with her, the next chosen one will compare with Toma and will never find her equal.

tamara origin of the name
Excellent mistress, a wonderful mother, an exceptional mistress, an excellent specialist - all this is Tamara.

The origin of the name probably has a mystical influence on her fate. As soon as a woman realizes that she is losing her influence over her husband or her colleagues, she throws them and seeks new "subjects".


Restlessness and inclination of the little girl toThe search for new adventures can undermine her health. She often gets cold and, in the end, greatly weakens her lungs. Becoming older, the girl becomes more vulnerable. Constant experiences negatively affect the state of her heart. In old age, Tamara can survive not one heart attack. However, good self-control, frequent walks and taking vitamins can correct her health.

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