Dayana is the English sound of the widespread name Diana, that is, it is Western, derived from the Latin language. Diana means divine! About this and talk.

Origin of the name Dayan (Diana)

Its roots go back to the ancient Romanmythology. The fact is that the ancient Romans had a goddess Diana. She was the sister of Apollo, and also the patroness of hunting and nature, personifying the Moon. Diana was endowed with a certain power on earth, as well as above and under it! It is interesting that in the ancient Greeks this goddess corresponds to Artemis.

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What does the name Dayan (Diana) mean?

Without a doubt, Dayana (or Diana) is prettya beautiful female name. Once the image of a strong and strong-willed ancient Roman warrior woman, who belonged to the whole world, has survived to this day. The astrological characteristics of this name are as follows:

  • color - purple;
  • animal-totem-deer;
  • the tree of life is an oak tree;
  • mascot - stone selenite (moonstone);
  • the sign of the zodiac - Taurus.

The meaning of the name Dayan in childhood and adolescence


The girls grow up quite calm and obedient. Dayans are agreeable and very sensitive to other people's troubles, quite compassionate. Little Diana will never get a swig from her parents for picking homeless kittens on the street and dragging them into the house.


As we have already explained, the meaning of the name Dayan hasquite a solid definition: it's a warrior. Here and in their life the Diana are determined and brave, they have a solid character (sometimes even stubborn). They are full of pragmatism. All this, of course, helps them to achieve their goals, in life they are succeeded!

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The astrological meaning of the name Dayan


Dayana is a kind woman. She, as in her childhood, is unselfish and responsive to someone else's grief. With all this, Diana will not be so easy to deceive! Her intuition is well developed. In addition, she does not tolerate cold people who do not care about the feelings of another person who consider themselves superior to others. Name day at Dayana (Diana) on the 13th of August.


The astrology of the name advises the Dianas to start their professional path with one of the following activities:

  • draftsman;
  • engineer;
  • ballerina;
  • actress;
  • art critic;
  • the hairdresser;
  • dressmaker;
  • the teacher;
  • fashion designer;
  • designer;
  • writer;
  • poetess.

A family

The meaning of the name Dayan from the point of view of astrology directly correlates with the following masculine:

  • Oscar.
  • Michael.
  • Arthur.
  • Myron.
  • Boris.
  • Andrei.
  • Oles.
  • Edward.
  • Vladislav.

That's why astrologers recommend choosingthese women are husbands with one of the above names. In family relations, the Dayans continue to maintain their principles. They only listen to their opinion. Husband is not their decree! In some cases, Dayana shows some signs of despotism toward her husband.

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Famous people named Dayan (Diana)

A lot of people know this story with this name. All of them are distinguished by a certain inner willpower, as well as a difficult temperament. At the same time, these are kind people. Among them:

  • Diana Ross is a famous American singer.
  • Diana Gurtskaya and Diana Arbenina are well-known Russian singers.
  • Princess Diana.
  • Diana is a favorite of King Henry II.
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