Elizabeth is the name of the Hebreworigin. The basis of it was the phrase "Eliseba", which translates as "my vow to God." This name is found in different countries (Aljbetta, Elizabeth). On the territory of the CIS it has an average popularity.

The meaning of Lisa's name
The meaning of Lisa's name

Elizabeth is usually ambitious, but pleasant ina woman whose life is fixed by her emotions. As a rule, she is able to contain them and therefore gives the impression of a person balanced. However, sometimes a lady with this name can act ill-advisedly and impulsively, which can push her to rash eccentric acts, which she then regrets very much.

The meaning of Lisa's name is thatChildhood girl playful, cheerful and very active. It is difficult for her to stay in one place or engage in activities, because Lisa can not concentrate her attention on one thing for a long time. Elizabeth loves to chat, but in the process her mood can change and she becomes squashed. An adult girl is also prone to frequent changes in mood.

Lisa the meaning of the name
Among the girls most often the leader is Lisa. The meaning of the name determines the generosity, mildness and responsiveness, and sometimes the girl's vanity. Liza's family and friends should remember that the girl does not have a measure, so sometimes it needs to be stopped so that what has been achieved does not go to waste. The meaning of Lisa's name is that the owner of the given name shows softness and good nature to her friends. The girl is not in conflict, but in the society she can behave extremely straightforward and get involved in an unnecessary dispute or quarrel. The name Lisa is especially suitable for a girl born under the signs of Sagittarius or Scorpio.

The meaning of Lisa's name: the pros and cons

Elizabeth is energetically strong and verya beautiful name that is familiar to our ears and perfectly combined with Slavic surnames and patronymics. There are several good abbreviations for this name. In general, the positive nature of Elizabeth can not be called a lack of a name.

Lisa's name

Lisa is distinguished by strong health. In middle age, she needs to pay attention to blood pressure and the thyroid gland, as well as to prevent the disease such as varicose veins.

In marriage, Elizabeth is not always lucky from the first time. True love, as a rule, they find in the second marriage. Home and family for women of this name play a very important role in life. Lisa needs a strong and reliable rear, so she tries to make her family friendly. Elizabeth also loves comfort and achieves it with the help of daily caring for family and home. She is a good housewife, she is a good cook, she loves to start repairs and rearrangements. Name day of Lisa 5 and 18 September, 4 November, 31 December and 7 May.

In the professional work of Elizabeth stretchesto science and technology. From the owners of this name are good: system administrators, physicists, laboratory technicians, programmers, reporters, call center operators, factory workers, engineers, and stunt directors. Liza gets along well in the team.

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