As is known, beetles are the most extensiveA family of insects, including several thousand species. With these crawling or flying creatures, we come across daily: some of them we simply do not notice, some cause us an irresistible feeling of irritation (mosquitoes, flies), and the third we admire (for example, butterflies). And what if the beetles caught on to us in a dream? We propose to seek the interpretation of such a vision for several of the most famous and accurate dream books of our day.

dreamed of beetles what

Russian dream book: dreamed beetles - what for?

In general, beetles are considered by this sourceAs a symbol of disgust and distrust. If a small beetle crawls on your arm, then someone feels sympathy for you, which you do not even know about. A large, slowly crawling insect acts as a harbinger of the impending danger. The buzzing of a mosquito or other insect symbolizes the probability of deception.

Dream from A to Z: why beetles are dreaming

Insects of this genus, in the opinion of the compilersthis dream book, promise the dreamer losses and complications in business. A lot of beetles reflect the possibility of getting bogged down in debt. Flying insects reflect your dissatisfaction with the actions of business partners. But big and thick beetles promise a profit. Why do Colorado beetles? Such a dream is considered a foretelling of some misunderstandings that will not end very well. Dreamed May beetle promises to become a "vest" for your friend. The beetle-horn warns the fair sex representative about the possible infidelity of the lover or husband.

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Eastern dream book: the beetles dreamed - why?

If you saw a lot of these insects in theirbag or wallet, then someone will ask you for money in debt and will not return them on time. If the beetles crawl around you, then there is a possibility that you will have to borrow money from someone yourself. In addition, you may be asked to repay the debt at a time when you will not have such an opportunity.

ABC of interpretation of dreams: dreamed of beetles - why?

According to the authors of this dream book, the beetlereflects a sense of anxiety, vexation and a sense of own insignificance. Tiny bugs predict a dreamer little damage or gossip. A large insect, especially if it is a scarab or a dung beetle, predicts serious changes in life, most likely, marriage.

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Dream Interpreter XXI century: dreamed beetles - what for?

Sleep in which this insect creeps to you,warns that in the near future you expect minor trouble and frustration. Find a bug - to receive unexpected profits. A dreamed black beetle symbolizes someone's malicious intent towards you. May beetle sometimes acts as a harbinger of the impending blows of fate. But the dung beetle predicts a dreamer's quick positive changes in life. If you dreamed that insects eagerly eat green foliage, then some insignificant at first glance problems, which, in your opinion, should not be paid attention, can eventually turn into a serious disaster.

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