What does the sharks dream about? No one will give a definite answer to this question. But in all cultures such a dream is interpreted as a symbolic warning about the presence of formidable enemies. A dream in which a shark is present, especially if it attacks you, suggests that there may have been some unresolved conflicts in the past. Basically, they can be associated with any woman. It can be either your mother or another woman older in age. It is possible that you once depended on her and you still had a fear of this woman.

What does the sharks who frolic in clear clear water dream about?

Such a dream is a warning thatyou do not want to delve into the essence of the problems facing you, or do not notice that some ill-wishers are digging a pit for you. In turn, if there is a dead shark in the dream - it is quite possible that you will get rid of various troubles in reality, well-being, success in business. If the shark eats you - you may get some good news. At the same time, such a dream in the treatment of the Sonnick of Veles means evil attacks of ill-wishers, in addition, material losses or problems in business due to a person more experienced. To see how a shark is dragged to the deck and cut, means joy when meeting a close and dear person. To eat a shark in a dream - expect tragic consequences.

What does the sharks dream about? Aesop's Dream

The shark personifies the enemy, a predator, a vile andcruel man, merciless and vindictive. If it is in the water - this means that your enemies are not asleep and are waiting for the right moment for an unexpected attack. In this case, advise less to trust your new acquaintances, do not be too frank with outsiders. Sleep in which they hunt sharks means that your envious persons and enemies will not be able to do anything to harm you in reality. In case you see a dream in which you are attacked by a shark, in the near future expect big trouble. And even, despite all your caution, you will not be able to prevent the intrigues of ill-wishers. If you kill a shark in a dream, it means that you will defeat your enemies and be able to get rid of an unpleasant environment.

Of course, this article can not do withoutdream book, composed by one of the founders of modern psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud. So, what does the sharks dream of Freud? This is clear evidence that your partner or partner is a true predator. He or she likes undivided control over you, likes to enslave you, dictate your will and so on. Most likely, you do not like such a relationship, especially in the intimate sphere. In this case, you need to discuss the problem and explain the partner more specifically the reason for your negative attitude. Do not be afraid of open conversation or feel embarrassed about it, you can not solve the problem by ignoring it. It is possible that the person himself will not be able to guess the reasons that torment you.

According to various interpretations, in a dream to see sharks - does not bode well in real life, with rare exceptions.

Why do we have turtles?

A tortoise is a symbol of strength, patience,endurance, persistence, as well as slowness, fertility and longevity. It symbolizes wisdom and in various cultures, especially Chinese, is the embodiment of the cosmic order. In the East, the turtle is surrounded by special reverence. Walking in a dream with a turtle is a good omen, meaning a long and happy life. Watching water turtles in a dream - for the upcoming period of long waiting. To feed a turtle in a dream means to support not the one who needs your help, but a dependent.

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