Everyone knows how much the name affects destinyman, so parents are so scrupulously approach to his choice for their children. It is not recommended to change it, as this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

the meaning of the name marya

One of the most popular in Russia is the name Marya,that is derived from Mary. With origin and translation it is very difficult to decide, but in one they all agree - it happened from the Hebrew Maryam. The meaning of the name in translation into an understandable modern Russian is different. The most common option is "mistress", but "rejection" and "sad" are also used as often. Less popular - "bitter", "beloved" and "stubborn".

Many parents, not knowing the meaning of the nameMarya, give their children a rather difficult fate and an uneasy character. Usually so carefree behavior is caused by the Russian folk image of a gay girl, who has been so familiar to everyone since childhood. But there are also those who are guided by ecclesiastical comparison, hoping that the child will inherit the pious nature of the mother of God. Another factor - a lot of gentle variations.

However, such errors are very reckless. In fact, the meaning of the name Marya is so contradictory that all offensive and diminutive caressing derivatives are 100% perfect. In the nature of Mary, both severity and tenderness are in the same proportions. She can equally well become a resolute leader, and a quiet housewife. In both of these cases the girl will be happy, feeling herself in her place.

the meaning of the name
Masha has a special energy, whichattracts people, but she never aspires to their society. But very often he suffers because he sees only good in others. The girl prefers to keep her thoughts and feelings to herself, but she does not hesitate in expressions in anger. She is a very quick-tempered person, gets started because of any little things.

The meaning of the name Marya hides alsocontradictory behavior. Usually in public they are very cheerful and frivolous. They easily support the conversation and have the audience, are slightly inclined to artistry. But inside Mary are very collected personalities, they are prudent and attentive to details, and in some situations are able to show cruelty.

But in spite of all the ambiguity and not verya favorable root, the meaning of the name Marya bears a very positive color, especially for the chosen one. The girl will be very devoted to her husband. Keep the heat in the family for it is not difficult. Next to Maria, a man has the opportunity to feel real.

name marya
She without a doubt "gives" herself and does not ask for anything in return. Very often this leads to bitter disappointments.

In general, Masha in life, almost all get along. People listen to her opinion, and knowledge is given with ease. A person who wears this name does not mind dreaming, but he stands very firmly on the ground, remembering things that are perishable. In the work are laid out one hundred percent. With the proper upbringing and support from Mary, a great person can turn out. The most important thing is to ask the right goal, which the girl will achieve, no matter what it costs.

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