Marianne is a very beautiful female name. It is found in several countries of the world. It is interesting that we have it is considered quite familiar, but not popular among girls. The meaning of the name Marianne is quite extensive. Let's start with the fact that it has Hebrew roots. The fact is that the Slavs decided to remake it in their own way. As a result, Mariyana turned out, but that's another story ...

Origin of the name Marianne

the meaning of the name Marianne

In general, he has an ambiguous origin. The name Marianne, according to one version, was formed by the merger of the other two - Maria and Anna. The second theory says that the "ancestor" was the man's name Marian. Whatever it was, it certainly leaves a significant mark on its owner. Let us soon know what the name Marianne means in our time!

The mystery of the name

Character of a woman

The girl has an obstinate character. It is emotional, unbalanced, often unpredictable. Marianne can "throw" anything, because it is directly dependent on his mood. This is a rather ambiguous meaning of the name. Marianne in childhood is a capricious, envious, restless and spoiled child. On the other hand, it is cheerful and mobile. Little Marianne wants to be in the spotlight. Having grown up, she can control herself and independently analyze her behavior and actions towards other people. If the owner of this name learns to keep her excessive emotionality under control, she will be able to protect herself from many other problems in the future.

The main problem of Marianne

Unfortunately, this girl is very difficultmeaning of the name. Marianne has a bad habit of exaggerating all the troubles that are happening to her. This capricious girl is always unhappy with the outside world and, by the way, herself! This quality is the main problem of this name.


which means the name of Marianne

If the girl can control herselftheir emotions and their behavior, then we can assume that the first step on the way to their success is done. Next, she must learn to sneer at herself, and also stick to a specific goal, not "bothering" with various failures. By the way, it is scientifically proven that good self-irony has not prevented anyone!

Strength of will

She has developed from Marianne since birth. The main thing is to direct it in the right direction. So, for example, holders of this name can become good doctors, trade workers, pharmacists, accountants, social workers, administrators. However, do not forget about the main meaning of the name!

origin name Marianne
Marianne can easily wet her reputation and harm her professionalism through frequent scandals and conflicts with colleagues at work.


It has a representative of this name is prettystrong and good. A woman is physically very hardy and active. Marianne loves sports. If we talk about the problems with her health, then they should be looked for in the stomach or intestines.

A family

In marriage, this is a lovely and accommodating mistress. Her house is always kept clean, and she cares about both her children and her husband. From the side, it may seem that Marianna assumes too many responsibilities. But this is just a mirage.

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