In order to know the meaning of this or thatsymbol of dreams, you need to look into the dream book. What does the chickens look like, for example? Fortunately, today in our studies we can be guided by the opinion of the drafters of not one but several sources of interpretation. Dreams we see almost every night, and many of them carry really useful information.

Learning to interpret dreams

what does the chicken look like

It is necessary simply to learn to interpret these signs notonly with the help of dream books, but also listening to your heart - your inner spiritual beginning. So, since the symbol for the study is already selected, we will find out what the raw chicken is dreaming about. Both the carcass of this poultry and its raw meat are not good signs. This symbol is especially disturbing for businessmen and businessmen.

Perhaps you were in vain put off in a "long box"a matter that seemed secondary. In fact, such a decision is fraught with very unpleasant consequences. It is better to proceed without delay to the completion of the said project.

Raw chicken meat with blood does not sound good

what does a raw chicken dream about

What does the hens dream of, in raw meat which is visiblethe blood of a bird? This dream is also not good. The symbol foreshadows disturbances and diseases. Raw chicken can "talk" about the fact that you spend too much money, as well as the possibility of robbery. In any case, caution will not harm you. However, this symbol has good values, in particular, if the bird is alive in a dream.

Sonny Hasse promises happiness, but with some reservations

dream book

For example, what does the chicken that youdo you buy? Looking at Sonny Hasse, we will see that this symbol of dreams promises a happy life. And if the dreamed bird carries eggs, then in reality you will be all right on the love front. Here it is written that you can safely eat chicken meat in a dream. This means that you care about your health.

What does the chicken look like if you hear themcackle? Probably, the road is waiting for you. Somewhere you go where the source does not specify. A chicken with chickens broadcasts that you will create a family. Be careful if this poultry in your sleep is haunted by a cockerel. This can mean the treachery of your close acquaintances.

A woman capable of "pecking" a dreamer

what does the chicken look like

Dream Manager Meneghetti says that sleep canto warn you about an unpleasant woman. This person is able to "peck" you and "obgadit" your good name. She also "carries such eggs", which can not be called an unpleasant surprise. If in your environment there is someone suitable for this description, then try to stay away from this woman. It is better to break off all sorts of relations with her at all!

Pleasant home meetings, multiplication in the family

When asked about what the chicken looks like, the authorsThe general dream book gives an unambiguous answer. Your family will increase, but for now you will spend time with your family. Sonnik Tsvetkov associates the explored symbol of dreams with guests, especially if the domestic birds are dreaming in large numbers. Why do we dream about chicken, pecking seeds? Such a symbol is a true sign of multiplication of your material means. We also wish you this!

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