The meaning of the name Katya, Katyusha or Catherine in most people who know the history of Russia is "royal". Its very sound is associated with majesty, pomposity, imperiousness and intelligence.

The secret of the name is Katya

The meaning of the name Katya from the Greek "katarios"means "virgin", "pure." Even in childhood, girls who bear this name, differ in stockiness. If Katyusha went to visit, then in her pocket will necessarily be candy or an apple. Probably adult people are touched by her intelligence and intelligence.

Katya is very proud. At the same time, she tolerates someone else's superiority painfully. As schoolgirls, girls with this name always strive to be the best. With whom they communicate at this age, they choose themselves. As a rule, their environment includes children who make up the "elite" of the class and enjoy the authority and power of their influence.

the meaning of the name katya

The meaning of the name Katya in girls born in the spring,often associated with an indecisive character. They often show extravagance, as well as bravado in clothing or behavior, especially in extreme situations.

The meaning of Katya's name means impulsivenesscharacter, the desire always and in everything to receive the palm of primacy. At the same time, it is difficult for women with this name to transfer superiority over another person. Catherines are concerned about their inferiority, invented by themselves. They are constantly experiencing because of the desire to surpass all the people around them.

rolling the value of a name

Katya, whose name is also associated withwith a man who has a rich imagination and imagination, does not always resemble the vivid image of the Russian Empress. In real life, girls and women who bear this name are often not so majestic. But in friendship and in love, Katyusha is always intelligent, tactful and kind. They value confidence and reliability both in themselves and in their partners. However, at the same time, because of the exacting nature, it is not easy to get along with them.

Catherines are never deprived of men'sattention. They always have many admirers and admirers. However, they do not aspire to marriage early. Katyusha needs a companion of life, suitable for her in a psychological way. And she is ready to spend time searching for him.

The internal anxiety of women, bearing the name of Catherine, can be amplified by the most insignificant occasion. This emotional explosion is the cause of rash impulsive actions.

Women who bear this name tend to be wellarranged in life, but mistresses they are not always exemplary. Katie is doing well in all her endeavors, but she does not give a specific preference to any specialty. They sincerely believe in the predictions of palmists and astrologers, they can turn to them for advice.

The secret of the name of Katya lies in the period of birth. Women with this name, born in the winter, are powerful and unbalanced. Autumn Catherines are calculating and strict. Women born in the summer are fickle and erratic, and in the spring they are selfish and capricious.

Particular attention should be paid to the Catherine's health in the lungs and genitourinary sphere. It is also worth taking care of your heart.

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