The meaning of Anna's name for a girl is translated fromHebrew as "merciful." The main features of her character are justice and uncompromising. As a rule, she is very reserved. It is very difficult to know about her true feelings. With Anna, there rarely happens nervous breakdowns.


the meaning of Anna's name for a girl

The meaning of Anna's name for the girl says,that this is a kind and affectionate child. She's an introvert. She treats her parents with respect and respect. The latter need to monitor her health. Anna has fragile bones and a weak stomach. Particular attention should be paid to the eyes. At school Anna learns well, but with behavior there can be problems. Anna has an opinion on any issues and often argues with teachers. The meaning of the name Anna for the child prophesies the strong and foolish nature of her possessor. She seldom listens to other people's advice and prefers to act in her own way. She is proud and often becomes a participant in conflicts. From the very childhood, she easily manages to resist everything that she does not accept.

The meaning of the name Anna

the meaning of the name anna for a child

For a girl and a woman this name means that shea kind and loyal person. But do not particularly trust the external appearance. Anna is fair and will never offend without reason. Its strong will and natural charm make it quite easy to influence others. It can be long and incredibly interesting to talk about the most common things. Her oratorical abilities are well developed. Anna can easily convince anyone of his rightness. At the same time, it is not easy to convince herself. To foreign influence, it lends itself very seldom.

Anna has a good memory and a well-developedintuition. She is able to solve dreams and apprehend events. She has an analytical mind. It is impossible to hide anything from her keen eye. Anna performs her work conscientiously. She is always on good terms with the authorities. She loves to plan and think about all her actions in advance. Such an imprint imposes a female name on Anna.

Its significance for others is also great. It is not easy to get into the circle of her friends. Anna carefully chooses those with whom she will communicate. She often behaves like a king. Those who are close, can get the impression that this woman has secret knowledge and skills.

female name anna meaning

Anna loves to receive guests. But only those who like her, who she likes to communicate with, can get to her house. She does not hesitate to put all the others behind the door.


The meaning of Anna's name for the girl is great andaccompanies her all her life. She starts to influence men early. She is so fascinating that they simply can not resist her. I must say that Anna likes this very much. She early learns about adulthood. For her, a lot of sexual relations mean. However, she does not hasten to give herself to the first person she meets. Of great importance for her is love. Anna always has a lot of admirers. She likes men's attention, and she will not give up on him under any circumstances. In husbands, she chooses a person who is calm, capable of accepting her as she is.

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