The name of Artemy came to us from ancient Greece. Although it is in tune with another, more popular - Artem, the meaning of the first is a bit different. With the Greek Artemia, the meaning of the name is translated as "unscathed", "perfect." It is dedicated to the ancient Greek goddess of hunting Artemis.

Characteristics of the name

the meaning of the name Artemia

The meaning of the name Artemy says that inhe is a little stubborn and very persistent. He prefers a company of adults, not his peers. For some reason Artemiev is usually brought up in austerity. Maybe that's why they become good athletes, boys grow mobile, hardy and dexterous.

The meaning of the name Artemy for the winter-bornsays that the child becomes an avid debater, often speaks for a long time and about nothing. In marriage, he usually does not carry. But Artemy adores her children and tries to save her marriage for them. He is extremely responsible and keeps his word, you can count on him, he is very obligatory.

Close friends and friends they have little. They are very careful. Before something is done or decided - several times all will consider. If suddenly they have even the slightest suspicion of the dishonesty of their partners, they immediately deny their cooperation.

artemia meaning of a name

The meaning of the name Artemij for the born in the summer promisesthey are softer and quieter traits of character. Do not so sharply relate to others, more loyal to others. They like to take care of animals, help the weak and defenseless. Are endowed with a poetic gift.

Excellent driving, lovetravel to different cities and countries. The "summer" Artemiev strongly developed intuition. Be calm, if he takes up the matter, he will certainly bring it to the end.

Artemii, born in the autumn, often join the church and become priests.

Often the appearance of Artemy takes on the side of the father, but inwardly resembles the mother.

Name days are celebrated on July 6 and November 2. July 6 - Holy Righteous Artemy Vercolsky. He lived in the XVI century in the Arkhangelsk region, he was the son of a peasant. As an adolescent, he pleased God with such qualities as modesty and obedience. Artemy Vercolsky died at the age of thirty.

And for another thirty years his power waspreserved in the church of St. Nicholas. November 2 - Holy Great Martyr Artemius. He was executed in 363. This saint is supposed to pray for the cure of any hernia.


name of artemia

In the numerology of the name Artemy there corresponds the number 8. People with this number are characterized by the grasp and ingenuity necessary to conduct their business. Most Artemiev - very strong and independent nature, who in the first place always put benefits and material benefits. Nothing in the life of the "eights" is given to them easily.

They are workaholics, they are busy all the time with work, work,Do not take leave. Probably, therefore, among such people there are a lot of successful politicians, officials and businessmen. In achieving the goals for them, all means are good, only the final result is important. And they achieve it without stopping at anything.

The meaning of the name Artemy says that the main thing in their lives is work and career, so the "eights" have few friends. In marriage, such people play the role of head of the family.

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