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The Mystery of Artem

general characteristics

The meaning of the name Artem for the child and for the adultman - the same. Translation from the Greek language is as follows: "a person with impeccable health", "unscathed". However, we can not say that such a value really affects the owner of this name in some way. On the contrary, in childhood the themes are very vulnerable to colds. Anyway, this is a very beautiful boy name!

Artem - calm, flexible, purposefuland an honest man. In addition, he is hardworking and well-read. He easily finds friends and keeps loyalty to them for life. Sometimes the owner of this name can be traced some stubbornness. Fortunately, it does not grow into something more, for example, in an open conflict. Artem is interested in sports. Of course, he does not expect special sporting success, but his goal is sport for himself, and not for medals.

what is the name of artem

What is the name of Artem in the family?

Having married, Artyom turns into a beautiful andan enviable husband. He is an exemplary family man, an excellent assistant in everyday life. His only drawback is excessive perseverance in everything. Thank God that this character trait is not peculiar to all Artems, but only to those who were born in the autumn. "Summer" Artemy, by contrast, is very kind and sympathetic, and in "winter" - a very complex character.

the meaning of the name of artem for a child

Holders of this name have a weakness forvarious life changes. In particular, they love to travel, love their car, not only to drive, but also to repair it. Artem will never take the leading position in the family, it's not that person. By the way, he is very hospitable. Very often he prepares his own delicacies.

What is the name of Artem in his career?

Artem belongs to the category of those people about whomit is customary to say: "Jack of all trades." From a professional point of view, this is a real role model. Any profession will be on his shoulder. Artem is an unlimited love of literature, a rich imagination and inexhaustible talent in one area or another. Thanks to his diligence and iron patience, this person can become an engineer, journalist, architect, writer, jeweler, teacher, etc. It is curious that with such a success, a career for Artem is not an end in itself!

Name Artem in intimate life

Owners of this uncomplicated name in sexprefer quality and, of course, duration. In addition, the great importance in choosing a sexual partner Artemy is given to her appearance, figure, eyes.

boy's name artem

They need to pay tribute, because they are constantin sexual relations with women. In addition, Artem prefers to give more to his partner, rather than getting himself. And all because he will receive satisfaction only when he realizes that his mistress was his first.

It is interesting that Artemis never engage insex just like that. It is important for them that in every love game there is a certain sensual component. Here Artem can be called "love gourmet". That's what the name Artyom means, friends!

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