Late is always very unpleasant. And if you miss your train or airplane, then a similar situation can completely disrupt all plans, and, as they say, fly in a pretty penny. We suggest today to find out what the delay is for a train, plane or other transport. For this, let us turn to several of the most complete and popular dream books of our time.

dream book to be late for a train

A large universal dream: to be late for a train or other transport

Dream, in which you dreamed being late fortrain, promises a situation in real life, in which you will be very annoyed because of someone's thoughtless actions or actions. So try to count only on yourself if possible, so as not to regret later that you turned to irresponsible people for help. If you often dream the same dream in which you are late for a bus, plane or wherever, then perhaps the burden of responsibility that you have taken on yourself in real life is unreasonably heavy for you.

The ABC of interpretation of dreams: in a dream to be late for a train or an airplane - what for?

According to the authors of this dream book, such a vision means the need to urgently take up the implementation of the planned plans, since in the future it may not be a successful opportunity for a long time.

in a dream, be late for a train

In a dream, be late for a train: Dream Interpreter

Such a dream is seen as a harbinger of ailments or some kind of hindrances and obstacles on the way to achieving the intended goal.

Modern dream book: late for a train or other transport

According to this source, such a dream is notis a rarity. It reflects the rather serious psychological difficulties experienced at this time by the dreamer. Perhaps, it seems to him that because of excessive employment at work, he misses something important in life. Or he thinks that his efforts are not rewarded in a worthy way. In order not to aggravate your own condition, the compilers of this dream book recommend that you seek help from a professional psychologist.

miss the train dream book

The most complete dream: to be late for a train in a dream

If you dreamed that because of the long andlong fees you risk being late for a train, then such a dream is a reflection of your inherent non-assortment, non-punctuality. These qualities greatly complicate your life and interfere with the implementation of the plans and goals. Perhaps it is not too late to reconsider your view of life and force yourself to become a more punctual and responsible person.

American Dream Book: be late for a train or other vehicle

In the opinion of the compilers of this collectioninterpretations of dreams, a dream like this is a reflection of your sense that life is too slow and sluggish. Perhaps, because of circumstances beyond your control, you were, it is said, overboard, despite a lot of efforts. Do not despair: a little more, and in your life there will come a white band, which will entail luck and joy.

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