Have you ever had nightmares andjumping in the middle of the night in a cold and sticky sweat? Probably yes. That is why almost every modern person now has dream books: in paper form, as a program on a computer or phone or, after all, in the online system. Waking up in the morning, we first try to decipher, for example, what a shark, an intricate bird or a thunderstorm is dreaming about, and only after receiving a positive interpretation, relax and calmly begin our day.

what does a shark dream about
What a dream shark. What does it mean to meet this animal in a dream?

First of all, it should be noted that, in the opinion ofpsychologists, if a person saw a shark in dreams, then, most likely, her image will stimulate the further development of his anxious state. This is due to the fact that in the culture of the peoples actually encountering this monster, it is the shark that is the symbol of soulless cruelty. Such an image is able to have a very strong impact on the emotional sphere and even to some extent to knock out a person from a measured life-track.

What a dream shark. Does this image promise something bad?

what does a white shark dream about

In order to answer this question,I had to re-read a lot of specialized literature. In the end, we came to the conclusion that all the dream books affirm: the one who had to see a live, frolicking or attacking shark in a dream is certainly to expect the troubles and attacks of enemies. In addition, Sonic dreams warns about the following:

- Be prepared for the fact that all the undertakings will turn into a failure, and with a difficult victory over real enemies, you will hardly have to hope for satisfaction from a positive outcome (Family Dream Book).

- In case of failure in love, such a dream - to the appearance of an opponent (Erotic dream book).

- What does a white shark dream about according to Italian sources? Be wary of the special aggressiveness associated with the mother.

- This image of Aesop - the personification of a cruel and mean man.

- According to Freud, the dream shark indicates that the sexual partner seeks to dictate his will and reign supreme in the relationship.

What a dream shark. Is there anything positive about this?

sonic dreams
Can the image of this terrible sea predator in dreams benefit? Strange as it may seem, yes!

"It's unlikely that anyone will be against warning about the danger."

- If a person dreams that he is killing a mammal, in real life, in accordance with the interpretation of Aesop's dream book, it means victory over enemies and getting rid of communication with unpleasant people.

- The female dream book shows that the image of a dead shark means the approach of luck and the attainment of prosperity in the near future.

- Family Dream Book reports that to dream of a shark from Thursday to Friday means soon profit and success.

- The erotic dream book indicates the connection between the dead shark in a dream and the finding of lost happiness in love.

- Miller's book calls to heed that a person who saw a dead shark in a dream expects well-being, a victory over enemies and peace.

No doubt, dreams are part of the earthlyhuman existence. That's why you should not disdain the images that come to people in a dream. Perhaps scientific studies of the nature of dreams will allow in the future to use effectively information that can be obtained during "wandering in the country of dreams."

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