Gypsies or gipsies in a dream, as a rule, comeas a warning. This dream in different sources is deciphered in different ways. To correctly answer the question "what does a Gypsy dream about", you need to consider all the circumstances of sleep. Such a dream can portend both good and bad.

What is Gypsy's dreamed about?

Eastern dream book: what does a gypsy dream about

If a gypsy is gazing up to the sleeper, who is guessing at his hand, or around him the dance camp is furiously dancing - in real life he is expected to lose money, betrayal and deceit.

The Russian Dream Book

A gypsy in a dream means that a person should nothurry to accept the offer to marry: he will not be happy. Tabor dreams about an unexpected and very tempting offer. A gypsy in a dream means that a person who sleeps through negligence can lose his property.

Winters of Winter: What Gypsies dream about

Did you dream of Gypsies or Gypsies? This is a dream-warning, which says that someone will try to knock you off the right path or to circle your finger. After such a dream, one should be careful not to agree to tempting promises of dubious origin, even if they are very tempting.

Dream interpretation of what a gypsy is dreaming about
Roma Dream Book

Gypsies in a dream portend a journey ora journey that awaits the sleeper in the near future. If a person sees himself as a gypsy in a dream, a happy and happy marriage awaits him. In a dream to be among the gypsies - a foretaste of a meeting after separation. When a person in a dream gypsy is guessing something - you need to try to listen and remember her words, as this is very important.

Sonny Hasse: What is Gypsy's dream about?

This dream means that the sleeper is not harmed by the lack of restraint. If a gypsy man is in a dream in a dream, in real life his hopes are vain.

Sonnik Tsvetkova

When a gypsy woman is awakened in a dream, then in real life he will be in a foolish situation and will feel himself not at ease.

Zanneky's dream interpretation: what does a gypsy dream about

Gypsies or gipsies in a dream mean deception or fraud, the victim of which will be a sleeper.

French dream book

If a person dreams of gypsies, this heralds events that will require him to be virtuous and of great endurance.

Sonnik Grishina: What is Gypsy's dream about?

Gypsies in a dream, as a rule, mean some harm or damage that a person will suffer in real life.

What does a gypsy dream about?
Modern dream book

If a person dreams that he came to a gypsytabor, then in real life he will receive an important proposal that will help to realize all the unenviable position of his affairs. When a young lady sees in a dream that she is graced by a gypsy woman, she can expect a hasty and ill-considered marriage. But if a woman is already married, then the dream portends to her greater jealousy for her husband. If a man dreams that he communicates with a gypsy, it means that in real life, property and money losses can be expected. Trade with gypsies or conduct other important business with them is to lose money in the near future because of risky and questionable transactions. This dream can also be interpreted as follows: in the real life of the sleeper, thirst for physical pleasures predominates, and clearly at the expense of spirituality.

Wanderer's Dream Interpretation: what is the dream of a gypsy

This dream, as a rule, heralds successin deeds, but sometimes it promises deception. If a person dreams, what the gypsies are guessing, then it can portend luck or a quick trip, and also be a warning.

Female dream book

When a person dreams that a gypsy wants to give him credit, it means that in real life he hurries to marry.

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