Once a person reaches the age of comprehension,he is asked many questions about his origin, appearance, hair color, name. Indeed, why do parents give us this or that name? What does it mean? What is the reason for his choice? There are popular names, but there are rare. One of them is Eric.

Meaning and origin

the meaning of the name erik
What is the meaning of Eric's name and origin? It has been known since ancient times and has Scandinavian roots. The word is translated from the Old German as "noble leader". These boys are relatively calm and balanced, even indecisive. They are endowed with musical abilities, they have an excellent memory. Erica likes to travel, but they do not like spending time at home. They are drawn to games with children, manifestations of fantasy and sweepstakes.


Already a teenager he has the qualities of a leader, soat school he enjoys deserved authority. The young man who bears the name Eric is persistent, and if he sets himself a definite goal, he goes straight to her, without folding. Prefers from all sports those that are associated with the manifestation of strength.

Autumn and winter boys

What is the meaning of the name Eric for the born in the autumn? These are physically strong boys, as emotional and smart as the "winter" namesake, but prone to serious sports, which are dealt with with responsibility, often building a career on it. His curiosity manifests itself in everything, therefore it is important for parents to answer all questions of the boy, because knowledge will be useful to him in achieving the goal. He is prone to natural sciences, electronics, cybernetics. The child has an analytical mindset, so in the future can quite devote himself to science.

Born in the spring

the name of Eric
And what does the name Eric mean if the baby was bornin the spring? Spring boys do not know how to stand up for themselves. Fear of the gross and vulgar actions of people Eric worried all his life, although with age he becomes more strong-willed and hard-headed. This spring bird is very inventive. He loves everything that is connected with design and modeling. Loves music, the boy also has a propensity for literary knowledge. If he gets a doctor's profession, he will become a brilliant doctor.

... and in summer

Summer Eric, like everyone else, is musical,they are plastic, they love dancing and sing with pleasure, they respect folk art. This boy grows cheerful, cheerful, sociable. He loves guests, he likes to visit. With any person will support the conversation. He likes to read and has a gorgeous home library, especially he is fascinated by historical journalism.

which means the name erik
What is the meaning of the name Eric for born in the summer? This child is a complete charm, both for parents and for others. He does not think himself without pets, so it is with great pleasure that he visits the circus and everything connected with animals. The boy is fully developed, so he willingly becomes the organizer (or the author of the idea) of school quizzes and evenings. Eric carries his close and quivering attitude to his parents through his whole life. Being an adult man, the paternal shelter does not leave.


We hope that the meaning of the name Eric has become more clear to you. A small addition: celebrates the name day of a person with this name in May, 18 numbers.

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