The state of Azerbaijan is secular. So it is written in the Constitution. Religion here does not interfere in the affairs of the country. It exists separately. In the republic it is peaceful

religion of Azerbaijan
believers of different faiths coexist.

Legislation of the Republic

Free choice of religion in the country is guaranteedstate. In 1992, the relevant law was passed. Anyone can correct those ceremonies that are accepted in his religious confession. At the same time, the state takes care that believers do not conflict with each other, preventing the dissemination of materials that incite inter-confessional hostility.

Religion of Azerbaijan - Islam

what religion is in Azerbaijan
According to statistics, 99% of the population are Muslims. Most of them are Shiites-Imamites. Although the openness of the republic contributes to the penetration of its territory and other currents. Historically, the territory has become largely Islamic, although before the spread of this religion there lived representatives of other beliefs. Propagating from the Arabian Peninsula, Islam was imposed on the population by conquerors. So it happened with Azerbaijan. Only the idolaters and Jews who lived in this territory did not obey. They had to pay a considerable bribe to the conquerors for their patronage. Now the Islamist confession is the strongest in the republic, although it is represented by different trends.

The ancient religion of Azerbaijan - idolatry

This belief existed on the territory of up to 500of the year. Its basis is the worship of many deities. People revered the souls of their dead. Also in honor were trees and rocks. Separate divine essences were considered natural phenomena. Subsequently, the flow of fire worshipers separated from idolatry. They believed that the flame cleans from both physical and spiritual contamination. Their individual representatives are still present in the republic. Over time, Zoroastrianism separated from the fire worshipers, which is also based on the service of the flame. But the basis in

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this faith is different. All life is a continuous struggle between good and evil. Some researchers call Zoroastrianism the oldest faith.

Religion of Azerbaijan - Christianity

This religion was brought to the republic by Jews inregion of 100 years. They described to people the miracles created by Jesus. Under their influence, the first Christian communities emerged. They exist even now. There are many Orthodox churches on the territory of the republic, there are well-known monasteries. Christianity is represented by various currents, including Catholicism and Protestantism.

Religion of Azerbaijan - Judaism

This is the religion of the mountain Jews, whomoved to the country from the side of India. They have lived in the country for more than 15 centuries, but managed to preserve their traditions and way of thinking. They consider themselves descendants of the sons of Israel.

In the country there are both Catholicism and Zoroastrianismalso other currents and religions. Therefore, there is no unambiguous answer to the question about what religion is in Azerbaijan. Everyone is free to choose what to profess. Interfaith conflicts are rare here. But most of the citizens profess Islam.

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