People seldom turn to God for the prosperousperiods of his life. They remember it more often when trouble comes. It is at such moments that the question arises of how to make a request for help heard. Apparently, for special occasions, some unusual, strong prayer is needed. And not just universal, but in each specific situation, its own, special.

a strong prayer

All prayers are divided into three categories. The first of them is thanksgiving. When someone says "thank God," then he pronounces the simplest formula that praises the Lord. Unfortunately, this expression has become common and is often used without proper understanding of its essence.

The second kind of prayer is a thankful. "Thank you, Lord!" - three words, embodying the essence of the feelings of a person who felt the presence of a higher power, which saved from trouble.

And, finally, supplicatory prayers. People turn to guardian angels, the Theotokos, the saints or Christ with their trebs. Sometimes - about health, sometimes about well-being or material benefits, because we live on earth, and our needs are quite specific.

the strongest prayers for health

It is believed that for each case there is some kind ofa strong prayer, pronouncing which, you can achieve greater effect than calling to heaven with ordinary words. As a nurtured icon, which has become miraculous, helps more often than the usual, and verified canonical text will be heard first.

In any church shop, prayer books are sold. Having bought this booklet, you can go to the priest after the service and ask him about which prayer is the strongest. He, probably, will inquire what a misfortune befell a good parishioner, and, undoubtedly, will indicate on which page the appropriate text is located, the reading of which will help to gain grace. But the priest's instructions are not limited to this. Like a doctor who does not treat illnesses, but the patient, a real spiritual pastor will show how one must live in Christ, in order to win the Lord's love. After all, the strongest prayer in the mouth of a man of fierce, malicious and spiteful will become an empty concussion of air.

which prayer is the strongest

God in all his boundless mercy is oftenhelps people unchurched, but leading a righteous life, and appealing to him with a brief request for salvation (for verbose speeches and time sometimes not). It happens that from the inevitable doom separates the seconds, for which it is only possible that you have time to say: "Save God!" - and no longer rely on anyone. Those who receive a happy deliverance never doubt his existence, even if all previous years they lived by convinced atheists.

a strong prayer

Why were there prayers that are used in specific cases, if the main criterion of gaining grace is the sincerity of faith?

A long history of Christianity has brought to us the namessaints, who shone in different fields. Based on the characteristics of their biographies, described in the "Lives", we can conclude about their special patronage to people of different professions. For the same reasons, various everyday problems are distributed among prophets, saints and martyrs. So, it is believed that the strongest prayers for health should be addressed to St. Panteleimon, and if they are pursued with setbacks, or a dangerous trip is on, then it is better to address Saint Nicholas.

Canonical rules in church life are veryare important. The order of Orthodox worship has a sacred meaning, each stichera or troparion takes its place, verified by theosophical science. However, no matter how great the significance of the ritual, the main place still holds sincere faith.

The strongest prayer is one that comes from the heart. Peace to all!

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