Claudia is a generic Roman name. It is a female form from the male name Claudius. Its roots date back to the Latin word "claudius" (Claudius). Translation of the name into Russian sounds like "lame". This name is in demand in those countries where the sound of "Claudia" is widespread. In Russia, this name is known for a long time, but its popularity has not found ... Now Claudia in the majority - it's grandmothers. Women named by this name have always been somewhat phlegmatic. As a rule, they are calm, hardworking and capable of rapid adaptations. About this and talk.

the meaning of the name of Claudia

The meaning of the name Claudia

The secret of this name lies in the following. Most girls with the name of Klava are absolutely confident in their charm and charm. The mindset of the owners of this name is analytical. They are inquisitive. Arrogance is not peculiar to them. Moreover, they simply can not stand the chores of other people. They become uncomfortable if someone offers their help in solving certain problems. But this is not the main meaning of the name!

Claudia is a good-natured and compassionate person. A woman is ready to come to help at any time, without demanding anything in return. Claves are excellent companions. They will listen to a man who catches his cat on the soul, will help him with advice. This is the main secret of Claudia!

What is the name of Claudius in the character of man

As a child, the girl is an excellent student, loves to help her parents.

which means the name of Claudia
Loves animals. Little Klava always comes to the aid of friends. For this it is valued and loved by peers. Teenage boy Klava stretches for the "elite", for the "golden youth" ... She wants a little self-affirmation and stand out. Adult Claudia again becomes a serious and simple-minded person. She is very kind. It is alien to such qualities as aggression and cunning. In conversation with people, she does not "wag", but always speaks frankly. This woman is a great friend. She is generous, highly moral. She knows how to forgive offenses.

The astrological meaning of the name Claudia

The stars believe that this name is suitable for girls,born in the zodiac of Taurus - from mid-April to mid-May. After all, Taurus is peaceful and intellectually developed, which in many ways resembles the owners of this name.

Claudia, born under the sign of Taurus, endowed withstrong health. The rest of girls in childhood can very often get sick. However, when the little Klava turns into an adult Claudia, her health grows stronger. She becomes a hardy woman.

claudia translation of the name
Although, of course, there is one flaw: bronchi. Klava needs to be protected, for example by refusing to smoke.

Family relationships

It's just a wonderful and loving wife! Claudia is an excellent hostess, loves order in the house. She teaches the independence of her husband and children. Grafts discipline on them, as well as respect for others' labor.

Name combination

Whatever the meaning of Claudius's name, it is inobligatory order will please those parents who adore the old-fashioned style. In combination with Russian patronymics and surnames it sounds just fine! His diminutive and caressing forms also caress the ears: Klavochka, Klavushka, Klavik.

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