Polina is a name with two versions of the origin. One thing is that it has French roots and comes from the male name Paul. Thus, the meaning of the name Pauline in Latin - "baby", or "small." According to the second version, the name comes from Apollinaria and is its colloquial form. In translation from ancient Greek Appolinaria means "solar" and originates in the name of Apollo (the god of the Sun in Ancient Greece).

The value of the polynomial name for the child
The meaning of the name Pauline for the child

The little girl Paulinka is the subjectuniversal adoration and admiration. She is friendly, courteous, very responsive. She always comes to the rescue, comforts, calms. Pauline does not act up to trifles. She will gladly help her mother around the house, nursing with her and other people's babies.

In the school, Polinka is honest and unselfish. In relations with her classmates she is tactful, kind and sympathetic, is the first assistant to teachers, enjoys among them love and respect.

The value of the polynomial name
The meaning of the name Polina for adults

Even after growing up, Paul remains unselfish andcan rejoice, like a child, some sort of trifle. She is neat and clean, she knows how to behave properly, she always follows her appearance; manicure, make-up, hairstyle, wardrobe. Pauline does not throw money into the wind, prefers a few things, but of good quality; as a rule, economical.

The meaning of the name Polina in a professional sense

She is executive and responsible, strivesperform their work at the highest level, because of what has detractors in the team, who consider her an upstart. Very often it is useless that they use calculated and cunning colleagues, entrusting Polina with her duties. She is patient and hardworking and can achieve good professional success, but career is not her priority.

Pauline name
The meaning of the name Polina in the family

In most cases in the family life, shehappy. Pauline devotes herself to the family, her husband, children. The interests of the family are more important to her than her own. Business ambition, career for her are not important. She chooses a job that can be more at home. Pauline is a very good mom, she likes to go to parents' meetings, takes an active part in the work of the parent committee. Pauline supports the interests of children, develops in them a love of beauty. She is not capable of treason; lovers, extramarital romances are not for her. Her husband forgives much, sometimes even treason. She can create a harmonious relationship with Denis, Vitali, Sergei, Yuri, Constantine, Yefim. Relations with Vadim, Igor and Anatoly for Polina are undesirable.

Name day at Pauline on January 18 and April 4.

Very often Pauline sees everything in a "pink color". It is very difficult for her to accept betrayal, lies and injustice. She tries not to notice the bad in people, justifies not even worthy deeds of others. Polina is a harmonious person, with a manifestation of earthly love and a developed sense of beauty. Nature bestowed on Pauline inner nobility, tact, intelligence. It is characterized by taste and sense of proportion.

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