the meaning of the name aigul

The meaning of the name Aigul, like other female names,beginning with the "ah", experts translate in two ways. On the one hand, the Turkic "ah" means "the moon," and the Persian "ghoul" means a flower. Therefore, the name Aigul is read as "Moon Flower" or "Flower of the Moon". However, the expert on Muslim names A. Gafurov argues that the prefix "ah" in any name of a Muslim woman is translated as "beautiful". Therefore, the name can be read as "beautiful, beautiful flower". Lunar or just beautiful, but the flower remains a flower and imposes a noticeable imprint on the meaning of the name Aigul. His pronunciation varies from people to people. There are options for Aigul, Aigul, etc.

Aigul. Meaning of name and character

The main thing for a flower woman is honor. Even small girls understand this and will never commit an act capable of defaming them. Aigul is calm and steady, patient and tolerant. These traits of character she brings up in herself, based on the ancient customs of her people, to which she refers with great piety.

aygul meaning of the name
Honesty, stability, restrained sincerity -Here are the qualities of Aigul, who attract serious and solid people to her. She easily gets acquainted, knows how to be friends. Sometimes it seems to others that this powerful woman is too inclined toward impermanence. In fact, Aigul is not domineering, but an aggressive nature, whose goal is stability in all its manifestations.

She is an excellent worker: creative and creative, on the one hand, executive and disciplined - on the other. However, the meaning of Aigul's name speaks for itself: a flower can be beautiful, but it can not be a leader. So Aigul's desire to be the first is completely absent. But the forefront of the desire for comfort: family, physical, moral. Soft, romantic, able to understand all the intricacies of her loved ones and empathize with them, the girl becomes a good wife. She is able to create such a family hearth, which will constantly draw not only her husband, but also just acquaintances: it is so warm and comfortable not in every home.

 name aigul
Aigul has a well-developed fantasy, since childhoodThere is an excellent taste and a sense of tact. These qualities help her to live life so that not a single minute will not be wasted, no moment will not cause regret. The flower has a weak spot: Aigul does not tolerate loneliness. The saying that women grow dumb without men has a direct relationship to it.

Aigul. Talismans and amulets

The meaning of Aigul's name is a flower. Delicate and vulnerable, the flower girl needs strong patrons, so the stars recommend to always carry a guard with them: a figure of a violent animal that evokes fear. It can be a wolf, a vulture or at least a dog. They will give the girl the courage and confidence. Vegetable talisman can become a burning, awakening passion of strong men pepper and attracting romantics heather. All matters Aigul better start on Tuesday - this is her most fortunate, happiest day. Mineral amulets of the Lunar Flower can be iron, magnetite or amethyst. Therefore, Aigul should have several ornaments from these materials.

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