This dream is a dream for many. Do you want to know what it means? We open the dream book. To fish is a great success. This is the opinion of E. Tsvetkov. If you understand the associations associated with the word fish, then some of them are understandable. Say, to catch a fish is a dream for success, a rich marriage for a woman. If you see that someone caught it, it's to the birth of a child. In short, this dream is about luck, which itself floats in the hands.

But that's why decaying, rotten fish meansunexpected wealth? Obviously, in the wealth obtained unexpectedly, there is something that causes such an unpleasant association. Perhaps it is not always obtained honestly, and the subconscious sends this "fragrant" image to the sleeper as punishment or to reason with him?

A little more about the fish: to feel the dead fish is to the disease. So it follows from the centuries-old observations of our ancestors. We will not do this! We will catch in a dream only live fish! This is a very good dream.

And what interpretations does the other dream book contain? To fish from Miller means somewhat different. If you caught and caught it, then fate is preparing tests for you, but they will be courageously overcome. With unsuccessful fishing, dreaming means vain desires. To see a good fishing net - to some acquisitions. But if the network is torn, sleep - to grief.

According to Hasse, the fish is a bad sign. As her dream book interprets, to fish with her hands - to the fact that the sleeper will make enemies of himself. It seems that Miller speaks on this score, but contradicts Tsvetkov's interpretation. Just to fish - to disappointment and deceit or pointless pursuits.

Let's review a few more dream books. Nostradamus dream: to fish - to find ways out of a difficult situation. And the Esoteric Dream Book explains that this dream is to the heirs who claim your property. Another value - the sleeper himself will soon become someone's heir. And if he also eats the fish he has caught, the inheritance will surely fall into his hands.

In the dream book of Freud dreams of catching fish haveerotic underpinning. In case the sleeper sees himself catching fish, it means that he even thinks about his business during sex. Sleep warns that if he does not learn to be distracted from problems, he may have problems in the sexual sphere. When dreaming that he was fishing and did not catch anything, this is a sign that the subconscious of the sleeper lives the fear of being untenable during physical intimacy. Perhaps this is the result of unsuccessful attempts at the first sexual experience.

According to Menegetti: live fish is a sign that the vital forces of a person are at a height, a dead fish says that the sleeper is not in the best shape. Especially it concerns his male power.

English Dream Book: To fish with a fishing rod means that the sleeper will wait for trouble and trouble when catching someone from the surrounding "to his fishing rod." Especially if he did not catch anything in a dream. If the fish caught on the hook, sleep - to wealth.

The Assyrians did not dream of fish, so we will miss their dream book.

Let's see what Velezov says is a dream book. To fish, according to the observations of our Slavic ancestors, means the following: if caught - this is a disease. But if he did not, then the dream foreshadows good.

A dream interpretation of Kanonita treats sleep with fishing as an unprofitable and empty occupation, which is not worth spending time.

So, we can state that "the opinions of scientists"somewhat diverge. Who should I trust? Probably, it's worth to get acquainted with all the dream books and choose the one that is closer to the inner mood. You can focus on the values ​​that seem most correct, based on your personal experience. If you regularly interpret your dreams, you will probably have different meanings of different symbols.

Do not neglect the wise advice that sends us in his coded symbols a dream. Try to explain them. Good dreams to you!

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