Choosing a name for a child is an important event in lifeparents, after all, whatever one may say, the name affects the future life of a person. Therefore, take his choice with special attention and responsibility. In eastern countries,

The meaning of the Fatima name
this is taken especially seriously: rewarding your child with a certain name, you seem to put certain qualities into it.

Beautiful and sweet sounds Fatima - the name thatrarely you will meet on the streets of the Russian-speaking countries, but it is very popular among the Tatars. Unambiguously to find out its origin is very difficult, since its history goes back to the distant past, which, however, does not prevent to determine its properties and the qualities that it empowers its owner. The meaning of the name Fatima has Arabic roots and can be interpreted in different ways: "taken from the mother's breast," "light-faced," "daughter of Muhammad," "adult."


As for the character of Fatima, it is kind,responsive, faithful girl, while different in accuracy and punctuality. She has a well-developed intuition and an excellent memory. As for communication with people, the girls with the name Fatima are quite communicative, they know how to listen, but at the same time they defend their opinion to the end, therefore they often get into

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conflict situations. Due to their qualities, they are able to attract people and often become unofficial leaders. The meaning of Fatim's name can also be numerological; the number of the Soul of Fatima is 5, which indicates her freedom and independence.


Having dealt with what Fatima's name means,let us pass to the signs that correspond to it. It is more correct to call Fatima girls born between April 21 and May 21 (Taurus) or from September 24 to October 23 (scales), since it is these signs of the zodiac that favor the name. Also the meaning of the name Fatima corresponds to certain stones, metals, animals and plants. For example, the most favorable metals are copper and bronze, but among the stones of Fatima you should pay attention to the emerald, carnelian, sapphire, aquamarine. As for plants, the name Fatima corresponds to the forget-me-not, melissa, periwinkle, iris, Venus shoe. The planet of Fatima is Venus; the elements - water and air. Fatima patronizes such animals as a cat, a doe, a rabbit, a bull,

Fatima name
dove and seal.


Now, after learning about the meaning of the name Fatima, you canlook into the distant past and find out one of the variants of its origin. It is interesting that there are several variations of this name - Fatim, Fatym, Fitam - and they are all female. Muslims saw in the name of the original signs and omens: "fatama" from Arabic translates as "separate", "excommunicate", "interrupt", which was interpreted as follows. A woman named Fatima had to raise a real man, having married, having given birth to her son and quickly excommunicated him from breastfeeding. In the plural, Fatima's name sounds somewhat different - Fawatim; It is very common among Muslims, and often the girls with this name have high hopes as those blessed by Allah.

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