Why does a polar bear dream? As a rule, such dreams are a reflection of ourexperiences, aspirations and memories. If yesterday you did not visit the zoo, did not watch TV programs from the life of wild animals and did not doze in your sleeping bag in the Arctic, then you should look for an answer to this question in dream books. What can they tell about dreams about Mikhail Potapovich, how is it customary to call a bear in Russian fairy tales?

what does a polar bear dream about
In general, the appearance of a bear in a dream is a signnot bad. These large and strong animals represent endurance, stamina, leadership qualities. Therefore, if in a dream you have parted with a bear peacefully - this is a good sign. But if he attacks or is aggressive, and you kill him - expect trouble from a strong opponent. In American culture, a bear is a symbol of a character as heavy as a bear's paw. But in the culture of the Navajo Indians, for example, it means the spirit of ancestors, grandfathers or fathers. So in general, a bear in a dream - to a meeting with a strong person, senior in age or spiritual mentor, but how this meeting will take place depends on the context of sleep. But it will not be easy, and perhaps you will have to show the strengths of your character.

In different dream books, there is little understandingof what the polar bear dreams about. For example, Hasse says that a polar bear can mean that in your environment there is someone who loves you very much. If it is very white and very large, then for girls this can be a signal - soon you will have a very happy marriage and a strong family with your loved one. In general, for the girls, the dreamed bear is a happy sign, signifying a good man.

very white and very large
As already mentioned, in a dream meeting with a bear,if it passed without conflict, it could mean help from a strong person. Wanderer's dream in this regard says that meeting in a dream with a white bear means timely and necessary help in a situation that took place in your life before, and now can be repeated again.

Still to what the polar bear dreams, so it towin. Try to buy a lottery ticket - perhaps, today, after this dream, you are lucky to guess the right numbers. See this animal - rejoice, sleep to profit! And not just to money, but to the long-awaited receipt of a loan, the repayment of an old debt or a happy coincidence of circumstances. But in any case - to the events joyful. Unlike the brown bear, which, on the contrary, can become a symbol of future losses and warn against imprudent operations with finances.

sleep to profit
Well, the last version of the interpretation of what isthe polar bear is dreaming: this is a dream-warning. Fate has prepared for you a trap - you take what you want for the reality and do not see the true state of things. But if in time to analyze everything that is happening to you, troubles can be completely avoided. Solving problems means the dream of a polar bear. This means that you took all possible precautions in time, and in the future all circumstances will be very successful for you.

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