The shark is a terrible fish. Any adequate person is very afraid of an unexpected meeting with her in the water. Yes, a shark is a predator. However, only a few species pose a serious danger to us. But that is real life, but what does the meeting with the shark promise us in a dream?

Miller's dream book

A shark in a dream symbolizes a terrible and formidable enemy. Accordingly, if these fish are persecuted or even attacked, then the failures and troubles are not far off ...

dream book shark
If the shark just swims past you, know,that one of your acquaintances or colleagues has harbored resentment and evil on you. Such a dream warns that soon you will have an insidious enemy who wants to poison your life. A flock of sharks that surrounded you in a dream also does not bode well. You should look around carefully, think about your life, about work, about people around you. There is a chance to determine where the "root of evil" is and to prevent an impending catastrophe.

Modern dream book

The shark that devours you in a dream symbolizesfinancial problems - loss of cash or complete bankruptcy. If you kill her, then you know that this will not save you from the dangers in real life. However, such a dream tells you that there are still some chances to win.

Freud's Dream Book

Shark by Sigmund Freud is a male penis. If in a dream you saw a shark or swam with it in the sea, then you are simply in excellent sexual form! If she attacked you, and you wounded her or killed her, your sexual health will soon be eroded.

dream-dream shark in the water
To swim away from a shark in a dream - to fear of future sexual contacts. If you were rescued from a predator, then know that you will soon cease sexual relations with one of the partners.

Intimate dream book

The shark in a dream, according to this dream book, isyour partner. This speaks of her dominion over you. Know that this person in everything and everywhere makes you "dance to his tune." Even an intimate relationship with him comes to a standstill ... If you do not show in time who is in charge of the house, you will remain a henpecked for life.

Family Dream Book

The shark in the water is the most evil enemy thathave you in reality. Keep in mind that it will be difficult to fight with him. Further we go on a plot of a dream. If a shark attacks you, then the enemy will also attack. Have you survived the attack of the predator? Congratulations! In reality you can escape by the miracle of the hands of a treacherous enemy! If the shark devoured you, why you woke up - expect the calamities will soon collapse on you ...

dream set of shark in the sea
Usually, after dreams, in which you have become a satisfying "dinner" for these fish, happiness does not come soon, a series of black bands begins ...

Egyptian dream book

Sharks in the sea are enemies. If they calmly sail on the sea, be careful. The danger awaits you from any angle. Enemies do not slumber. They are waiting for a good moment to attack you! Egyptians in their interpretations personify this fish with a woman. In your family there is an authoritative and despotic leader of the female sex. If this is your wife, then you are under her heel. If your mistress - you are just a "toy" for love comforts! If the boss, then you are unhappy, you are not taken seriously. Soon you will be asked from work far and long ...

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