To investigate behavior, general character traits andhow the fate of people who have a specific name develops is an interesting work. And it's even more fascinating to learn the result of this long-term observation in this publication. She will reveal to you the mystery and meaning of the name Melissa, will tell you what it means in the language of astrologers. Some features of the nature of its owner will become clear. The article will tell the names of those men for whom the girl has more chances to marry happily.

What does the name Melissa mean and how did it form?

which means the name of lemon balm

This name came to us from Ancient Greece. According to some researchers, it is translated as "honey". This version is associated with a nymph named Melissa, who was the daughter of King Melissa and fed Zeus with honey and milk, and she also had the task of teaching mankind to extract honey. Other scientists have found out that the name in question means "bee", because according to the legends Melissa could become the chosen one of the gods because of her beautiful appearance. Fearful of this, the envious goddesses turned her into a bee. There is one more opinion that the name comes from the name of the herb of melissa (the word consists of two Greek - "honey" and "leaves"), which has a honey-lemon smell.

The meaning of Melissa's name for the character of the possessor

The girl who wears the given name is prettybecause of their goodwill and openness. People see her as a very active and interesting person, so Melissa is the favorite of the company. She has so many friends and acquaintances that she never forgets. The owner of this "sweet" name likes to attend different events (movies, gay parties) or to be a participant in sports.

the meaning of the name Melissa

Melissa is the name of a single-minded person whofor the sake of achieving the desired result, everything will go to the end. She never gives up before life's problems. This girl is able to control people, but she never thinks about her sometimes reckless acts, because of what can bring others serious problems.

Meaning of the name Melissa for working life

The person in question will never becometo reconcile with the established principles and routine. Therefore, in any profession, she will come up with something new, make suggestions for improving everyday life at work. Melissa prefers to choose a sphere of activity filled with adventure, and can become, for example, an alpinist, an archeologist or a geologist. Money is not the goal in her life, but if it is required for the family, she will be in every way to seek additional sources of income.

The Magical Meaning of Melissa

melissa name

The owner of this beautiful name is guarded by the planet Sun.

  • Charms - chrysolite, gold and diamond.
  • The color of the name is golden.
  • The guardian plants are a wild rose and olive.
  • A favorable day is Sunday.

The girl who is called Melissa, will create the moststrong family with a man named Andrew, Roman, Ivan, Anatoly, Constantine, Leonid, Michael, Daniel, George, Timur, Vladimir. It will be a little more difficult for her in relations with Gennady, Igor, Fedor and Cyril.

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